Top cars to look forward to in 2016

It may only be July and the thought of New Year’s Eve is a million miles from your mind but the automotive industry and always thinking ahead. With development often taking years, most of the major brands know what they will be launching far ahead of the time we hear about it. That being said, the brands do make releases public in time and there is a long list of exciting cars on the way in 2016. Here are just a few you might want to put on your wish list;


The Fiat Aegea Project was shown off at the Istanbul motorshow recently. This 4 door compact saloon is certainly a big move away from the small cars like the Fiat 500 which the brand seem to have been focusing on of late. Originally a saloon, Fiat have since indicated it will be on offer as a compact hatchback and an estate. The car will be launched in over 40 countries, one of which is expected to be the UK. One thing not known yet is the actual name, Aegea is the moniker given to the project but Fiat are keeping final title under wraps for the time being.


Next year Ford will release the next generation Focus RS. This road going monster will produce 345bhp from yet another amazing Ford Eco-Boost engine. That is a lot of power, but the really exciting thing is that for the first time this, now iconic, car will use all wheel drive technology. There has always been concerns about running so much power to the front wheels in previous iterations but Ford have always managed to make it work. Now the Focus RS will grip and handle even better than its predecessors, what’s not to look forward too?


Jaguar is a British staple of style and elegance, not to mention Power, and is about to venture into the SUV market. The F-Pace will be the first time Jaguar have ever made anything that wasn’t either a big powerful saloon/estate or a full on sports/GT car. Although it will be an SUV style car the information in the motoring news at the moment suggests it is likely to be available with the barn storming supercharged V6 we see in the F-type and the frankly bonkers 5.0 litre supercharged V8 seen in cars like the XFS-R along with other smaller engine options. That will certainly give SUV buyers something to think about!


Quite some years ago Renault produced a lightweight sports car called the Alpine. This fiberglass rocket is widely considered a classic now and very few are seen on the roads. In 2016 Renault are re-inventing the Alpine brand with a rear wheel drive 2 seater coupe. Info about power units and spec is thin on the ground but based on some earlier projects and the racing pedigree of the Alpine brand it is safe to say it won’t be slow and there probably won’t be many made either.

This is just a small portion of the cars the team at Perrys are looking forward to, the motoring world is never short of excitement or things to put on your wish list.