Renault Twizy and Zoe Get Some New Toys

Renault are certainly no stranger to making pure electric cars with a range of 4 cars now, in total. The range starts with the ultra-small Twizy, Zoe, Kango and the Fluence Saloon. Now, the brand want to build on these and have added some new toys to the Twizy and the Zoe gets a longer range.


Range is a big deal for a lot of people when considering an electric car. Unless you only ever want to travel a few miles the distances electric cars can do on one charge can put some people off. Is response to this Renualt wanted to extend the range of the Zoe model. The Zoe gained some excellent reviews and it was really only the range and charging infrastructure that caused any issue. Now the official distance it can do on a full charge is 149 miles, this changes in different temperatures and conditions however.
The Zoe now has 3 model options; the Expression Nav, Dynamique Nav and Dynamique Nav Rapid Charge. The later Rapid charge model does exactly what it says and is able to charge to 80% in just 30 minutes through a 43KW charge point. There are now options for a reversing camera, voice activated gadgets and more.


This plucky little car has also got some new treats with the options in the range changing to Expression, Dynamique and Cargo. These new models replace the old versions and come with some nice new options. Adjustable front seats and heated windscreens are now standard along with some new trim levels. There are different colour wheels available from the standard silvers and blacks to an orange flame option for people wanting to make an impression…as if the Twizy didn’t do that already. The Cargo version does also mean there is more carrying space which will be very helpful for some buyers.

As the technology in electric cars continues to improve you can expect to see lots more investment in new models across the manufacturers in the coming years.