The New DIG-T Engine makes the X-Trail more affordable than ever

The seemingly endless popularity of the SUV means that more and more people would want to find one that suits them. The X-Trail has long been a favourite for people looking for a slightly larger and more robust option as opposed popular mini SUV. With more space and more versatility than some smaller SUV models the X-Trail has just got even better.

Good news

The X-Trail is now available with the 163PS DIG-T engine. This 1.6 litre four-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine offers a fantastic combination of power and efficiency. But the good news doesn’t stop there, the 1.6 DIG-T X-Trail is also the most affordable model in the range too.

Turbo Power

Much like the fantastic Ford Eco-Boost engine the DIG-T uses some very cleaver turbo technology to get the absolute best from the petrol engine it’s attached too. Turbo charging used to be all about speed, but now it also offers far greater economy at same time as great performance. This fantastic engine pushes out 240Nm of torque between 2000 and 4000 rpm. This wide RPM range means the driver can enjoy plenty of pulling power without having to search through the gears for it. Not only that, but because it’s a petrol engine the full 163PS is delivered at a rather satisfying 5,600 RPM, and it will pull the X-Trail to 62mph in under 10 seconds.


The DIG-T may have some great performance figures but it also delivers an impressive 45.6mpg in some models and just 145g/km for CO2 emissions. Cutting edge Start/Stop technology goes some way to helping these figures but it’s the turbo tech’ that really makes the magic happen. This engine is built for enjoyment, economy and usability.


As of the 15th of July buyers are able to order not only one of the best engines around but also one of the best SUVs on the market too. The news that all this comes at starting price of just £21,995 is really something to be excited about. The DIG-T engine is available in all X-Trail models so there is no need to sacrifice your preferred model either.