World’s first electric double decker enters service

The world’s first purpose-built all-electric double decker bus is officially due to enter service on the streets of London this October.

Commuters travelling on route 16 between Cricklewood and Victoria Station will be part of a brand new trial to test the viability of electric technology used to create the latest low-emissions buses.

London mayor Boris Johnson made the announcement at a Clean Bus Summit at the city hall in the capital, saying: “The iconic red double decker bus is about to become greener than ever.”

‘Red double decker to become greener’

He also announced that the 312 single decker bus route, between Norwood and South Croydon, will become London’s first pure electric route later on in the year.

London’s transport commissioner Sir Peter Hendy said: “The introduction of new electric buses and further developments like induction charging at termini for hybrid bus batteries will significantly improve air quality and provide our passengers with quieter and smoother journeys later this year.”

The city is one of 24 worldwide which have pledged to roll out more than 40,000 low-emission buses by 2020, with bus manufacturers now working on ways to make them cheaper and cleaner to operate.

Earlier this year, energy firm GENeco announced their own entry into the low-emission bus market with the Bio-Bus, a new bus fuelled by biomethane gas which is manufactured from human poo.

According to GENeco’s engineers, the waste of five people can produce a single take of fuel for the Bio-Bus, which is enough to power it for up to an incredible 190 miles.

Eco-friendly public transport

Despite being manufactured from the smelly stuff, the firm’s officials say that the new bus will actually help to improve air quality and recycle waste sewage.

GENeco’s director, Mohammed Saddiq, said: “Gas powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in UK cities.

“But the Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.”

The first route that the Bio-Bus covers will be the service between Bath and Bristol, with up to 10,000 people expected to travel on the service in the next month.

World’s first poo-powered bus to debut!

As well as that, the bus will also be available for local journeys through Saltford, Brislington, Hengrove and Keynsham.

Bath Bus Company, which is operating the service, said that the new “poo bus” was easier on the environment than any conventionally-fuelled model and are confident it will be a hit.

Bosses also say that the annual waste of a bus-load of people would provide enough power to take the bus from Land’s End to John O’Groats, with less emissions than the average diesel engine.