What’s the weirdest reason for failing your driving test?

Recently, the driving test celebrated its 80th anniversary, and that got us thinking. Considering the amount of people who have passed their test since, there must also have been some spectacular fails?

After all, it’s estimated that around half of learner drivers in the UK fail their tests every single year, so there has to be some pretty funny tales in there somewhere, right?!

It seems as though we aren’t the only ones who got curious about some of the stranger driving test stories, after RED Driving School has recently released the results of a new survey, which questioned a number of motorists who had only recently failed their tests.

As you might expect, there were the usual answers about now performing manoeuvres correctly, failing to check mirrors and that sort of thing, but there were also some real corkers mixed in there.

Better yet, the replies are all first-hand accounts from the learners themselves, although they’ll no doubt be relieved to know that the answers are all anonymous!

So here we have it, in their own words, the weirdest and most ridiculous reasons for failing the driving test, as told by the poor souls who were unlucky enough to commit them:

1: Driving the wrong way up the road

“I drove out of the test centre on the wrong side of the road although, to be fair, it was a very narrow road. I told the examiner that I had literally just got back from France, where I had become so immersed in the culture that I’d forgotten which side of the road to drive on.”

2: Mistaking parked cars for traffic

“I thought a line of parked cars was a line of traffic, waiting for the traffic lights to change. After seven excruciating minutes of waiting, the instructor asked me to drive around the parked cars.”

3: Getting distracted by a ‘sexy motorcyclist’

“A ‘good looking’ man on a motorbike caught my attention while I was driving, and without realising, I started to drive directly towards him. The instructor had to enforce an emergency stop as I nearly hit the man on the motorbike. I then blamed it on my bad eyesight!”

4: Mixing up left and right

“I turned left when told to turn right, twice, and lied to the examiner that I have dyscalculia which affects my ability to turn left or right.”

5: Hitting pedestrians

“When crawling towards a zebra crossing, I went a little too far forward and bumped the bumper on a pedestrian before the examiner could stop me. I then argued it wasn’t my fault as he was fine, and that his outfit had made him blend into the stripes.”

6: Going the wrong way… And then blaming the instructor

“I tried to turn the wrong way up a one-way street, and then blamed the instructor for putting me off!”

7: Red Bull gives you wings, not driving skills!

“I took my test when I was 18, the day before my final A-level exam. At this point I was studying like mad for my final exam and drinking at least three cans of energy drink a day. I turned up for my driving test twitching like a madman and hadn’t revised anything. I received two majors and I lost count of the minors.”

8: Nervous tics

“I was just so nervous on my first test! I couldn’t keep my foot still on the clutch and failed in the first five minutes while doing a three-point turn. I then drove perfectly for the rest of the test!”

9: Swapping instructional videos for action films

“I failed my test the first time because I thought the way to overtake was to zip in and out of traffic like in a car chase. The only background knowledge I had was based on James Bond, so I blame the movies! Looking back, I can definitely see why it was so important for me to take more lessons.”

10: Not liking the sound of a car

“I failed my manual test so did an automatic test instead and passed. I told everyone this was because I grew up with parents who only drove automatic cars and so wasn’t used to the ‘sound’ and ‘feel’ of gearchanging in the car.”

So there you have it! Have you got any hilarious or weird driving stories of your own? Why not share with us by commenting on our Facebook or Twitter!