Can driving a manual car improve your love life?

People who drive cars with a manual gearbox are more likely to be in a long-term relationship or to get married, according to data from

Hunch analysed data from the users who visited their website, compiling a list of traits along the way, and found a clear divide between those who drive manual and those who opt for automatic.

Amazingly, the findings showed that drivers who prefer manual gearboxes are 39 per cent more likely to be married or in a long-term relationship, while almost half of automatic users were single.

Almost half of automatic drivers are single!

Nearly half of manual drivers are parents and more likely to live in a small town, whereas those who favour automatics are more likely city or suburban drivers, and only a quarter of them have a family.

There’s more bad news for automatic drivers, as the findings claim that they’re significantly less optimistic than those who drive manual, more likely to be introverted and also less educated.

Overall, drivers whose cars have manual gearboxes and a clutch pedal were shown to be more extroverted, more enthusiastic and more involved, as well as healthier, happier and technology-friendly.

Hunch’s data went into even greater details still, revealing that manual drivers prefer classic cars over new models, while automatic fans are 25 per cent more likely to play Farmville on their computers.

Bizarrely, automatic drivers prefer Harry Potter and Transformers, are less likely to enjoy bumper cars at the fairground, and think Simon Pegg and Rick Gervais are the best comedians.

Manual fans more likely to be happier and more optimistic

On the flipside, those who drive manual cars prefer Richard Pryor and Jerry Seinfeld, while they’re statistically more likely to enjoy listening to Radiohead and Steely Dan than the average person.

Automatic drivers also tend to prefer watching Shakespeare plays and eating cookie dough ice creams than manual owners, who would rather eat ribeye steak and play Trivial Pursuit.

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