New Renault Alpine Celebration concept unveiled at Le Mans

Renault has officially lifted the veil on the long-awaited first model from the reinvigorated Alpine brand, the new Alpine Celebration concept.

It was reported last week that Renault was gearing up to unveil the new Alpine model at this year’s Le Mans race, just in time for the 60th anniversary of the history Alpine brand.

Faithfully replicating the timeless styling of the old Alpine racers, the new Celebration concept model sticks to a classic look, but with several contemporary twists to bring it into the 21st century.

Alpine’s 60th anniversary

With a low profile and sloping, creased bonnet, the Celebration also features sculpted sides and a distinctive rear window, all harking back to famous Alpine models like the A110.

However, Renault has also added modern performance touches like carbon detailing on the bodywork, spoiler and rear diffuser, as well as around the rear air intakes and wing mirrors.

Other features include masked double headlamps with adhesive strips across the lights in a tip of the hat to Alpine’s rally cars, along with large alloy wheels with prominent brake discs and orange callipers.

At the rear, air intakes built into the rear panels help to channel air over the engine to help it cool while running at speed, while the engine is visible through a rear window at the back of the car.

Classic looks, modern performance

Renault has stated that the Alpine Celebration will use a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup, though exact specifications and performance figures have not yet been released at this time.

Antony Villain, Alpine design director, said: “We envisaged the Alpine Celebration show car as the crowning glory of six decades of Alpine style and motor racing.

We paid meticulous attention to every detail. This time, however, we wanted to go even further by reaching out to the hearts of a much broader audience.

“In order to faithfully reproduce the style and driving experience traditionally associated with Alpine, we were always mindful of wanting to develop and evolve our new car in real-world conditions, but in a manner that is synonymous with French motorsport.”

First in a family of new Alpine sports cars!

A production version of the Celebration, tentatively named the AS1, is expected to follow, and will usher in a new generation of Alpine models after Renault fully acquired the brand from Caterham last year.

Alongside the Celebration, Renault also has plans to release a whole family of Alpine sports cars, covering all bases from dedicated sports models, to more everyday models with the option of hybrid powertrains too.

While it’s not yet known when the new Alpine models will be released, the rest of Renault’s range is available to buy from Perrys dealerships now!