Sixteenth time lucky for learner driver mum

A determined mum has been celebrating after finally passing her driving test on the 16th attempt.

Angela Crompton, from Prenton in Merseyside, finally overcame her nerves and successfully completed her practical test after five years of trying and £7,000 worth of tuition.

Having started her lessons five years ago, the 59-year old mum initially got to the stage where she could take her exam years ago, but nerves kept getting the better of her when it came to the test.

Five years and £7,000 worth of lessons!

However, with a renewed sense of determination and a couple of different driving instructors, she passed late last month and says she hopes she can inspire others to do the same.

She said: “I feel absolutely made up – I just couldn’t believe it. I knew I could drive, I just couldn’t pass my test and I kept thinking ‘should I give up?’”

“People would say ‘don’t give up’ and I kept going back and forth,” she added. “I knew I could drive but nerves made me do things wrong.

“That put me off but this time I thought ‘right, I can’t keep on carrying on like this’ and it worked. I felt confident, I think it was just the nerves that had got to me every time.”

Angela said that there were periods when she came close to packing it in, particularly as examiners in the area began to recognise her, but she never gave up her dream of being able to drive.

She said: “I think I just got disappointed in myself and I wanted to give up because I thought I was never going to pass, but I knew I wanted to do it, I went through a lot of money trying to get through it and it’s heartbreaking knowing you are so close and seeing other people go through it and pass.”

Offering words of encouragement to anyone else struggling to pass their test, Angela said: “You have got to keep going, you have got to believe in yourself. If you think you can do it, go for it.”

Even Angela’s five-year battle to get on the road pales in comparison with Britain’s so-called ‘worst learner driver’, who still hasn’t passed her test even after 14 years’ worth of lessons.

In fact, 31-year old Janine Mars, who has spent more than £5,000 on 250 driving lessons, says she’s been “blacklisted” by her local instructors after word got round of how bad her driving is.

Still no luck for ‘Britain’s worst learner driver’

Unfortunately for Janine, despite all the lessons she’s still an avid user of public transport to get about, along with the odd act of kindness from family and friends who act as chauffeurs.

Her exasperated mum Radha said: “I can’t wait for her to pass, she’s a real diva in the car. Despite the fact she hasn’t passed her test she’s the world’s best backseat driver!”

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