Do politicians ignore young drivers?

Young drivers in Britain are being ignored by all political parties, according to data gathered by specialist insurance company Carrot.

Carrot surveyed 500 drivers, 88 per cent of whom were between the ages of 17 and 24, and found that six in ten don’t think the current government has done enough for young drivers.

Ownership costs and insurance main concerns

Chief among complaints was the government had failed to address the costs of car ownership for younger motorists, while 68 per cent said reducing insurance costs should be a priority.

According to the company, younger drivers should be rewarded with government incentives for making proactive choices to decrease their insurance, for example by using black box telematics devices.

Measuring acceleration, braking and steering input from the driver, black box devices build up a picture of behaviour behind the wheel, giving safer drivers lower insurance costs.

Ed Rochfort, Carrot Insurance product director, said: “At Carrot, we believe that by opting to utilise telematics, drivers are making a conscious decision to drive more safely and therefore should be encouraged and rewarded for doing so.

“We would urge the next Government to undertake research to enable them to understand telematics technology and further promote its benefits to young drivers, which include lower insurance premiums.”

He added: “Especially as statistics show that young drivers who choose telematics have fewer accidents than their counterparts that choose to insure without a black box.”

As well as that, the survey also revealed that 43 per cent of the drivers questioned said that fuel prices were their biggest concern, echoing the sentiments of nearly three quarters of British drivers.

A separate survey from Auto Trader collated responses from 1,000 motorists around the country, with 72.5 per cent saying that the new government should focus on reducing fuel prices post-election.

Other things that raised concerns for motorists are fixing potholes and sorting out insurance costs, while just over one in ten thought that incentives for driverless cars should be introduced.

Three quarters of drivers unhappy with government

However, it seems to be bad news for young drivers unhappy with the current regime as more than a quarter of the youngsters surveyed by Carrot said that they aren’t voting in the election today.

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