New government should reduce fuel costs, drivers say

Nearly three quarters of British drivers think that a new government should work to continue reducing the price of fuel, according to a survey.

Auto Trader collated responses from 1,000 motorists around the UK, with 72.5 per cent saying that the new government should focus primarily on reducing fuel prices following the general election.

Fuel, potholes and insurance the biggest concerns

Other things that raised concerns for motorists are fixing potholes and sorting out insurance costs, while just over one in ten thought that incentives for driverless cars should be introduced.

Bad news for the government, however, as the majority of drivers responded that they don’t think motoring problems will improve no matter what the result of tomorrow’s polling day is.

Nick King, Auto Trader’s market research director, said: “We haven’t heard too much about the plight of the motorist from any political party in the run up to the election.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that most of those surveyed seemed quite pessimistic, at least when it comes to a focus on motoring issues.”

He added: “Perhaps what is more surprising, however, is that fuel costs remain motorists’ number one concern and area of focus for the next government.

“That finding comes despite a drop in prices over the last 18 months and the fact that a litre of unleaded today costs 6.7 per cent less at the petrol pump than it did during the last general election in 2010.”

According to the parties’ manifestos, all of the main parties have outlined plans to freeze current fuel duty in an effort to keep prices low.

Only the Green Party hasn’t announced a plan to deal with fuel duty directly, while UKIP’s manifesto claims that it will actively seek measures to further reduce both fuel duties and overall costs.

What do the parties have to offer?

Furthermore, all of the parties, including the Greens, have promised to more effectively deal with potholes and road repairs, though critics argue that it’ll still be just a drop in the ocean.

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