Ford father-son duo crack World Record for biggest Hot Wheels loop

A Ford engineer and his six-year old son have officially smashed the record for the world’s biggest Hot Wheels loop.

Matt West, a technician at the Ford research and innovation centre in Michigan, broke the record with his son Blade by creating a loop-the-loop 12.5 feet tall, breaking the previous record of 9.9 feet.

It all started when 33-year old Matt discovered he could create a giant loop using pieces of Blade’s Hot Wheels tracks, along with original connectors and pieces from his own original sets.

12.5-foot loop 

The pair built the loops in the playroom of their home bigger and bigger until he started having to lift his children over his head so they could place the toy cars at the top of the ramp.

Things only grew from there, with the dynamic father-son duo building a five-foot loop in their backyard before Matt started eyeing up the world record, at the time only 9.9 feet in diameter.

“I knew the record was possible,” he said. “We wanted to build the biggest, craziest Hot Wheels track.”

The only problem was that the pair were quickly running out of room, before Matt had the idea of pitching the concept to his employers to try to smash the world record once and for all.

Ford didn’t just approve the idea, in fact the manufacturer embraced it, putting a team of engineers on the case to run computer design simulations to make sure the massive loop could work.

A fair amount of brainstorming later, and the team managed to assemble a colossal track consisting of a 33-foot tall plywood ramp leading down to the ramp, all fitted out with orange Hot Wheels tracks.

Documented by Guinness World Records

Taking place on Take Your Child to Work Day, the event was officially documented by Guinness World Records officials for verifications, and it’s expected to be verified in the coming weeks.

As for little Blade, he never had a doubt that his dad and the Ford team could help make his dream come true, simply saying: “I knew we could do it.”

We’re not sure if there’s a Guinness World Record for cuteness, but if there is, we reckon this pair might just have smashed it too…