Check out Renault’s new Twizy ambulance!

It almost seems like something that would be an April Fool’s joke, but Renault has unveiled an ambulance version of its dinky Twizy urban vehicle.

While ambulances tend to generally be large and bulky to carry equipment and sick people, this Twizy ambulance – Twambulance, if you will – is certainly significantly smaller.

Based on the hilariously cute Twizy Cargo, a van-style variant which ditches the rear passenger seat for a 180-litre cargo deck, the little electric vehicle can carry an array of potentially life-saving equipment.

High-vis paintwork and working sirens!

Unlike regular ambulances, the Twizy version has been created more as a rapid response type of vehicle, able to weave in and out of tight streets and traffic to reach patients quicker.

Outfitted with an A&E makeover, the little Twizy features high-visibility livery and sirens, just in case you don’t think it stands out enough already!

Carrying equipment like defibrillators, the Twizy ambulance can be used to dart to those most in need of urgent medical attention, while a full sized ambulance follows closely behind.

Apparently, it’s due to be put to use working “up and down a busy coastal town’s beach front”, administering emergency aid to injured or sick members of the public.

This isn’t the first time that the Twizy has been put to work in an unlikely situation either, after a Swindon branch of Dominos Pizza invested in a pair of Twizys to help with deliveries.

Apparently, the store was delighted with the economical nature of the all-electric Twizy, and also noted that its noiselessness didn’t disturb people living in quiet residential areas.

The team also said they were impressed with the car’s size, saying that it helps them park in tighter spaces while also reducing the overall carbon emissions of the company.

F1-inspired Twizy concept

Stranger still, Renault’s sporting division Renaultsport got their hands on the Twizy to create the unique and improbable Renaultsport Twizy F1 Concept, a surprising and fun take on the regular model.

Boosting the Twizy’s power from just 13bhp to a full 100bhp, the F1 Concept was also outfitted with Formula One-style racing slicks, a unique paintjob and striking aerodynamic foils.

Capable of zooming from 0-62mph in six seconds, the same time as the Renaultsport Megane 265 hot hatch, the Twizy F1 has a top speed of 68mph, not bad for a little electric two-seater!

The little Renault Twizy is available to buy from Renault dealerships now, with prices starting from just £6,895.