Here’s how to get a free spring getaway courtesy of the new Corsa!

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Sorry for all you fans of the snow out there, but if we’re being honest, we just don’t think winter’s all that fun.

Between freezing temperatures, long and dark nights and the ever-present threat of terrible weather, it’s no surprise that most people just want to spend the season cooped up indoors.

Once the weather begins to warm, then, the urge to take yourself off for a long weekend getaway can be pretty hard to resist. And why should you?!

Summer holidays are all well and good, but there’s nothing truly as refreshing as a quick spring getaway to thaw the ice, so to speak, of a long winter sat in front of the telly.

It’s not just us who think this; as it turns out, Vauxhall seem pretty big on the idea too, and as a result are offering a free night’s stay in any hotel around the country, for a maximum cost of £150.

Even better, all that you have to do is simply test drive the all-new Vauxhall Corsa. Seriously, that’s it!

With no ifs, buts, becauses or strings attached of any kind, you’ll get a free night’s stay in any hotel simply as a thank-you present from Vauxhall. Not bad for an afternoon’s drive, right?

If that sounds like it’s too good to be true, don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Vauxhall themselves said: “There really is no catch. The hotels have a value of up to £150 per night. Customers will not be invited to attend a sales presentation on their weekend away.”

Pretty clear cut, we reckon! If this sounds like something that’s up your street, here’s what you have to do:

Get in touch with your local Perrys Vauxhall dealer, and book yourself in for a test drive in the new Corsa. Like we said, there’s no pressure to do anything afterwards, but if you like the new Corsa half as much as we do, it’ll be a fun trip out anyway!

Once your test drive’s complete, we’ll take your details like your email address so we can contact you, and give you some flyers so you can take a closer look at the fine print involved.

After that, you’ll get your unique booking reference from us via email, which you can then enter on, and simply choose which hotel you’d like to stay in and when. Easy!

The only catches, if you could even call them that, is that the offer doesn’t extend to bookings on public or bank holidays, and you can’t book a hotel for around Christmas time.

Still, not a bad offer in the slightest we think – keep it quiet, but we’re even tempted to give it a go ourselves…

Better get your skates on if you’d like to cash in on the offer, though, as it’s only valid for any test drive with us in the new Corsa between 7th April and 1st July.

If you’d like any more information on the offer, on the new Vauxhall Corsa or on any of our other services, why not go ahead and get in contact with your local dealership today? Then all you have to do is decide where to go!