How many Dulux dogs can you fit in a car? A lot, apparently!

Have you ever wanted to know how many Dulux dogs you can fit in the back of your family estate car? Well, the answer might surprise you!

A hilarious video clip, first released by Spanish news channel 24 Horas, shows what looks like a never-ending line of Old English Sheepdogs packing themselves into the back of a family estate car.

And the answer to the question on everyone’s mind? According to the video, it’s six. Yep, six full-sized fluffy sheepdogs!

Excited mutts have gone viral

The 40 second video, which racked up more than 27,000 views within the space of four hours, sees the line of excited mutts racing towards the car boot, before the first five hop straight in.

Just when it looks as though there’s no room for a sixth, the shaggy sextet do a quick re-shuffle, managing to make enough room for their pal to jump in alongside them. We can only imagine how often the owner has to hoover the car!

From dogs fitting in cars to dogs driving cars, back in January a trio of four-legged motorists made history after becoming the first canines to successfully drive a car around a race track.

An animal welfare group in New Zealand trained three rescued strays to drive specially-modified cars in order to show just how smart man’s best friend can be, and it turns out they’re pretty smart indeed.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals hopes that the public will be so impressed with the amazing driving dogs that they’ll adopt the abandoned mutts, and the many others like them.

Christine Kalin, chief executive of SPCA Auckland, said: “I think sometimes people think because they’re getting an animal that’s been abandoned that somehow it’s a second-class animal.

“The dogs have achieved amazing things in eight short weeks of training, which really shows with the right environment just how much potential all dogs from the SPCA have as family pets.”

Driving dogs!

Before they were allowed on the road for real, each dog was given driving lessons on a specially-modified wooden cart, which they were then taught to drive around an indoor test lab.

Each was then successfully able to drive a modified real car down the track and even managed to navigate around the corners, making history as the first ever dogs to successfully drive a real car.

We reckon we know a few drivers who could even learn a thing or two from the furry trio! In the meantime, you can check out the Dulux dog video below; don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page!