Meet the world’s oldest car salesman!

A man from the United States has celebrated his 100th birthday at the dealership where he still works today, nearly seven decades after making his first sale.

Darrell Alexander, from Wyoming, started working at White’s Mountain Motors all the way back in 1949, and after 66 years he still shows up for work six days a week, each week of the year.

Not only does he refuse to retire, but golden oldie Mr Alexander also refuses to take any holidays and hasn’t had a holiday since his children, now retired themselves, were young, many years ago.

Secret to long life is ‘hard work’

The secret to his longevity, he says, is that nobody will last long at anything if they “sit around the house and watch TV”, and he added that he’ll keep showing up to work “as long as I can get out of the house”.

Marco Castillo, the current manager of the dealership, said: “Sixty-year-old ladies remember him selling their parents cars. Rarely will there be somebody who he doesn’t remember what car they had or something about them.”

Likewise, Joe Platt, a customer who has bought a number of vehicles from the centenarian over the decades, said that Mr Alexander was always “a top hand”.

“He was fair and he treated his customers good,” he said. “If he didn’t have what I wanted in stock, he would find it and bring it in.”

Apparently, that dedication to his customers is largely how Mr Alexander has stayed in the game for long, and he summarised his selling tactics simply by saying: “Stay with them until they buy or die.”

Speaking to a local paper, the Casper Journal, his now-retired daughter Sheri Rupe, said that she believes her father’s work ethic has been the driving force that has kept him going.

“He’d probably be gone by now if he went home and sat down and did nothing,” she said, while her husband Tom added that Mr Alexander will be still selling cars right up until the day he dies.

‘An inspiration to others’

Prior to becoming a car salesman in 1949, Mr Alexander previously held down jobs as a mechanic, a pipeline layer and even worked on a cattle ranch before landing his dream job as a salesman.

Brad Follensbee, general manager at Mr Alexander’s dealership, said that his driver is an inspiration to all the other employees who work there.

“I think it gives him purpose and drive,’ Mr Follensbee said, “to get up every morning and get ready and come to work and be here.”

We can only hope we’re still as lively when we’re Mr Alexander’s age, they sure don’t make them like that anymore!

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