Jaguar Special Operations reportedly working on new custom model

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations could be working on a brand-new performance car built from the ground up, according to reports.

Having officially started work last year, the Special Vehicle Operations division has been behind some of the marque’s most breath-taking models yet, including the Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 and Range Rover Sport SVR.

However, while it has so far largely been concerned with modifying existing models from the Jaguar Land Rover range, according to the division’s head it could soon be producing new models of its own.

New standalone model on the cards

John Edwards, head of Special Operations, said: “We’re certainly looking at that, and we’ve got the capability to do that. Is there an opportunity for us to do a completely stand-alone car? Maybe.”

Speaking to financial media publication Bloomberg, Mr Edwards said that designing a totally unique new car from the ground up would be the perfect opportunity to “stretch the Jaguar Land Rover brand”.

If Special Operations does go down that route, it could follow closely in the footsteps of Mercedes’ AMG unit, commissioning special edition halo cars like the SLS and AMG GT.

However, any Jaguar Land Rover model would no doubt be rooted deep in the history of prestige of both Jaguar and Land Rover, albeit with more powerful engines, track-tuned setups and higher price tags.

While it would certainly be something of a departure for both Jaguar and Land Rover, experts claim that the strategy of creating unique models via a specific performance wing makes sense.

Peter Fuss, a partner at consulting company Ernst & Young, said: “It’s part of their genes. The rise in AMG sales shows it’s been a good way to attract buyers happy to spend that little bit extra.”

Despite it being relatively early days for the Special Operations division, it has already made a big impact with the release of three unique models since it opened doors in June last year.

Unique Special Operations models

Already, it has produced the Range Rover Sport SVR, the most powerful and most expensive sports SUV ever, which costs £93,450 and accelerates faster than a Porsche Boxster.

As well as that, Special Operations has also been responsible for the Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7, the fastest accelerating road-going production car ever manufactured by Jaguar.

Finally, six exact reproductions of the original Lightweight E-Type have also been put into production, with the first of the hand-built models having been finished just this month.

Both the six Lightweight E-Types and the 250 F-TYPE Project 7 models slated for release have already been bought, showing that Special Operations should have no problem finding buyers for its premium-priced performance cars.

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