How NOT to put out a car fire! This week on Facebook

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Friday 27th February – “That fire hose is more powerful than we thought…”

Car fires are scary enough when they’re stationary, but watch this video below and you find out just how terrifying it can be when it’s rocketing down a hill at high speeds!

Luckily the family made it out of this wreckage before it started flaming – just in time to film the whole thing!


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Tuesday 5th-15th March – Geneva Motor Show Part 1

One of the world’s biggest motor shows is under way! All the biggest brands are unveiling classic, updated and brand new models!

There’s the fierce looking Ford Focus RS. Recently announced to have a awesome drift mode, 4-wheel-drive AND be less than £30,000. This is going to be huge.

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Peugeot have been leaders in rally driving for years – now they are going to conquer the Dakar Rally with their new Peugeot 2008 DKR. We would love to take this mean machine for a drive in the mud!

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Okay, obviously you’ll never see this on our forecourts – but you have to appreciate over-the-top hypercars for what they are. Loud, brash and head-turning! We don’t care, we just want a go!

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Look out for a round-up of the second half of the Geneva Motor Show next week!

And finally…

Saturday 28th February – The MK Team

There’s a vacancy going in our Milton Keynes dealership – we need a B.A Baracus! Driving experience necessary, fear of flying desirable.

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