Renault ZOE receives a range boost

Renault engineers have fitted the all-electric ZOE model with a new electric motor, which reportedly extends its range to a class-beating 149 miles.

Lighter and more compact than the previous motor, the new R240 motor has been designed by the company’s experts at Renault’s research and development facility outside Paris.

Thanks to clever engineering, the Renault ZOE can now travel a full 19 miles further than it could previously, according to Renault, making it the best car in its class for range.

19 extra miles of range

It has also been upgraded with a new charging system, which allows drivers to charge their ZOE cars at home faster, with an extra kilometre of range added for each minute the battery is charged.

As well as that, the new R240 motor improves performance and consumes less energy than its predecessor in addition to offering the longer driving range and faster charging times.

The car’s electronic management systems have been improved to conserve energy, and Renault says that it has now filed a total of 95 individual patents during its development of its electric vehicles.

As well as having its range boosted, the ZOE has also impressed in other areas too, having been award with a full five-star safety rating from independent safety specialists Euro NCAP.

Five-star safety rating

Renault paid close attention to making the electric ZOE as safe as its conventionally-fuelled models, with extensive testing and research put into boosting the ZOE’s safety features.

Alongside reinforced battery casings and other protection, the ZOE also comes with a special Z.E Voice feature, which makes a sound when the otherwise silent electric car is moving to warn pedestrians of its approach.

The Renault Zoe is available in three trim levels, the entry-level Expression trim, plus the Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens models, and qualifies for the government’s £5,000 electric car grant.

Stylish, versatile and with a range of equipment that includes Renault’s R-Link infotainment system and voice recognition software, the ZOE was described as the first affordable electric car upon its launch.

Available to buy now, the Renault ZOE is currently priced from only £13,650 for the entry-level Expression model, when factoring in the government’s £5,000 electric vehicle grant.