This month ‘the best time in years to buy a new car’

This March is the best time to buy a new car for years, according to new research from consumer car experts Honest John.

March is statistically when motorists buy the most new cars based on sales figures, and last year a fifth of all new cars sold in the UK throughout the year were bought in March, totalling 464,824 in all.

Cheap finance, fuel and insurance

However, thanks to record low interest rates on finance, low fuel prices and a huge variety of new car models, the market is now at the best point it’s been for buyers since the recession.

Insurance costs are also down on average, thanks to new anti-fraud measures and other accident prevention technologies that are becoming more and more common on modern cars.

Thanks to the drop in fuel prices, Honest John states that the typical hatchback driver can expect to spend around £200 less on filling up than last year, provided that the cost of fuel stays low.

Daniel Powell, managing editor of, said: “With lower borrowing costs, lower fuel costs and more new models than ever before, March is the best time to buy a new car.”

As well as that, the arrival of the new ‘15’ registration plate is expected to whip up excitement as buyers scramble to get their hands on the latest number plates, which were released yesterday.

The new plates mean that potential buyers looking to keep up with the latest trends will be able to get a new car with the latest registration plates now. It’s also good news for buyers looking for a deal, as cars with older plates will become cheaper.

New 15 registration plates

It’s expected that the new 15 plates will also be extremely popular with drivers looking for personalised number plates, thanks to the distinctive spellings that the numbers can make.

The last registration plates to be as popular with buyers was the 11 series back in 2011, and investors have already predicted that a car with a 15 plate registration could become a valuable investment.

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