Introducing the Peugeot 208GTi to its great-grandfather! This week on Facebook

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Thursday 26th February – 208GTi meets 205GTi

This is a tough decision for any car enthusiast – innovative design versus classic automotive genius! The French carmaker have always been excellent at making hot hatchbacks and the picture in front of you is complete proof of that!

So on the one hand you have the Peugeot 208GTi 30th Anniversary Edition, with its high performance engine giving you an output of 205bhp and a 2 tone matte design on the outside.

But then you have the classic, the original – the Peugeot 205Gti which has 122bhp (impressive for its time!) and a style that has lived on for 30 years.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!


Post by Perrys Motor Sales.

Monday 23rd February – Land Rover pull the sheet of the new Range Rover Evoque!

The compact SUV has had a facelift, giving it a more muscular look with an aggressive front end! The new daytime running lights boost the luxury appearance of the Evoque and we’re excited to see it hit the roads next year.

One of the mot exciting features of the new Evoque has to be the frugal engine choices – for the first time you can have the award-winning Ingenium engine that JLR have been working on recently. This will produce super low emissions AND fuel economy of 68mpg!


Post by Perrys Motor Sales.

Friday 20th February – Sneak peek at the new Baby Jag!

You may remember Jaguar super fans and longtime Perrys Huddersfield customers Andy and Helen? They came to us to pick up their fantastic new XF and F-TYPE!

Well, we invited them along to take a look at the new Jaguar XE when it came to visit out showroom last week. They took these brilliant photos so we just had to share them:


Post by Perrys Motor Sales.

Speaking of the XE, did you know it’s got a extremely well-sized boot, just ask Simon who managed to fit his double pram in the back with space to spare! Gorgeous AND practical!


Post by Huddersfield Jaguar.