‘BMW-beating’ Mondeo named UK’s Best Family Car

In the space of just two months since its launch, the all-new Ford Mondeo has officially been crowned the Best Family Car at the UK Car of the Year Awards.

More than 11,000 new Mondeos have already been ordered in the UK alone, further highlighting the success of Ford’s best equipped and most versatile Mondeo family car yet.

The UK Car of the Year Awards were decided by a panel of experienced motoring journalists, which include major contributors to national newspapers, magazines, websites and TV.

“One of the most eagerly-awaited cars”

John Challen, the Awards’ head, said: “One of the most eagerly-awaited cars of the year does not disappoint. Great levels of equipment and technology, a sensible cockpit layout, and – as is the case with almost every Ford – a joy to drive.”

Of all the new Mondeo’s advanced technology, the feature that’s gone down the best with the judges has been Ford’s new Active Park Assist function, which allows hands-free parallel parking.

Chris Russon, who writes for the Trinity Mirror Group, was particularly impressed with the Mondeo, saying “New Mondeo is a class act – a genuine alternative to a BMW at last.”

The Mondeo’s BMW-beating credentials were further cemented after influential motoring magazine Autocar reported that the new Ford family car is better than the popular BMW 3 Series.

Better than a BMW

Autocar tested the Mondeo against four of its key rivals, whittling down the competition until the Ford Mondeo, equipped with a 2.0-litre 178bhp diesel engine, faced off against the BMW 320d.

Concluding the test, Autocar wrote that the Mondeo “rides better, handles better, grips harder, communicates better, is more refined and is quicker among urban speeds”.

Mark Ovenden, Ford UK’s chairman and managing director, said:  “As UK market leader, recognition by UK Car of the Year Awards is a cherished accolade, especially for the new Mondeo as one of the UK’s best-known models.”

He added: “UK dealers are enjoying huge interest in new Mondeo and fellow 2015 newcomers into our showrooms in the run-up to the new ‘15’ plate.”

Available in five- and four-door saloon formats, as well as with an even more practical estate bodystyle, prices for the all-new Ford Mondeo start from £20,795.