Boy spots koala trying to ‘steal’ the family Land Rover

Finding somebody else behind the wheel of your car is every motorist’s worst fear, but when one schoolboy found a koala trying to steal the family motor, all he could do was laugh.

Sam Box, a 15-year old from Australia, described his shock after getting off the bus at the end of the day to find the furry carjacker clinging to the steering wheel of his dad’s Land Rover.

Speaking to Australian news site 9news, Sam told of his surprise to see the koala behind the wheel, before the quick-thinking teen snapped a series of photographs with his phone.

Koalas common in the area

The schoolboy lives with his dad on a 200-acre sheep farm near the city of Geelong in the south east of Australia, where koala bears and other wildlife are quite a common sight.

“We see them a fair bit here but never in the car,” he said. “It was checking me out as much as I was checking him out. I opened the door and he just got out and walked away.”

Pictures of the koala have since gone viral on the internet, and he appears to have a decent idea of what he’s doing, keeping both paws on the wheel and even making sure to check its blind spots.

Sam’s dad Michael said that he “couldn’t believe it” when Sam showed him the photos of the adorable marsupial sitting behind the wheel of his Land Rover, before helping the animal find its way home.

Dad helped the furry carjacker home

He said: “I think he was trying to take the car, my son’s lucky he took the keys out of it! He was quite calm, I got within three feet of him and he wasn’t concerned, he was just looking around.

“We have a really long driveway and once I saw one crossing the driveway and I went and got him and put him back in the bush, he was just lost.”

After realising that the jig was up, the koala then retreated to the nearest tree, perhaps to begin plotting his next joyriding attempt.

The mischievous intruder is probably the cutest carjacker in Australian history and, despite his lack of driving koala-fications, local police have reportedly not made any arrests.