Meet the tuners who build Land Rovers with Corvette engines

In its 67 years of production, the Land Rover Defender has been available in a huge variety of guises, but perhaps none have been quite as extreme as this…

Twisted Automotive is to the Defender what triple chocolate chip ice cream is to vanilla; once you’ve had a taste of the extreme, you’ll never look back. In this case, however, instead of triple chocolate chip there’s a 6.2-litre V8 engine ripped straight from a racing-spec Corvette.

523bhp Corvette V8 engine

The brainchild of Land Rover lover Charles Fawcett, Twisted Automotive started life when he bought a beaten Series 3 with just the right mix of charm and difficulties to get him hooked for life.

He’s come a long way since the days of repairing old rustbuckets, however, and Twisted Automotive is now responsible for some of the extreme Land Rover Defenders on the planet.

Each one is completely unique and personal to its buyer, thanks to a wide range of custom options that can be specified, along with the manic performance upgrades.

Twisted takes brand new Land Rover Defenders fresh off the production line, before immediately ripping them apart and upgrading them with as many performance upgrades as they can cram inside each.

New parts include performance suspension and any comfort upgrades which the customer specifies, along with the 523bhp LS3 V8 engine straight from the Chevrolet Corvette.

With a power output that’s around 400bhp more powerful than the standard Defender engine, Charles does admit that creating such a high-performance monster “takes a bit of engineering”.

However, he insists that it’s still every inch a Defender, saying: “Every single one maintains the integrity, character and iconic stance of the base vehicle.

“What makes a defender a defender must remain, this is not a vehicle that will suit everyone nor should it ever be compared, it’s a unique owner experience, one to be enjoyed from the first moment.”

New limited-edition Land Rover Defenders

Unfortunately, Land Rover will cease production of the Defender later this year after nearly seven decades of production, though Charles says that he has enough stock to last the next three years.

For Land Rover itself, however, the company is planning on sending it out in style, with a year’s worth of celebrations and three special limited-edition Defender models.

Each model in the lineup – the Defender Autobiography Edition, Heritage Edition and Adventure Edition – has been designed specifically to celebrate a unique facet of the Defender’s history.

Priced between £27,800 and £61,845, each special edition model will be available to buy from dealerships as of this April.