Watch the hilarious moment a dad fools his son with ‘ejector seat’ prank

A Yorkshire dad has become an internet sensation after convincing his four-year old son that his car has an ejector seat which can fire him into space.

Prankster Jonny Corbett uses a red SOS button in his car to keep his excitable son Charlie from misbehaving while on the road by threatening to launch him into space when he acts up.

Creative parenting

The 28-year old dad of two posted a video of Charlie’s hilarious reactions while on a shopping trip to Tesco along with his wife Bethany and Charlie’s 18 month-old sister Annabelle.

Having since gone viral, the one-and-a-half minute video shows Mr Corbett hovering his finger over the ominous-looking red button, telling Charlie it will send him into space if he misbehaves.

Poor Charlie seems obviously terrified at the idea of being launched into the cold void of low-Earth orbit, begging his dad to reconsider after nagging his parents to let him play with their phones.

The hilarious video shows Mr Corbett saying: “Charlie, can you see the button? Can you tell me what it does?” before his son simply replies: “I go into space.”

As his dad moves his hand closer to the button, Charlie gets more and more distraught, before sweetly saying: “Daddy, if I tell you I love you and I kiss you and I want to play with you, that means I never go into space.”

‘Simply a bit of fun’

Clearly winning top marks for creative parenting, Mr Corbett insists that the video is simply a bit of fun, and that his white lie is actually a long-running source of amusement between the two.

He said: “We’ve been having fun with the ejector seat button for as long as we can remember. I now reveal the button if Charlie gets a bit twitchy when he’s sat bored strapped in the car.”

Since the video went online, it’s gathered over 90,000 views, which has surprised Mr Corbett as he says he didn’t expect it to become so popular.

“I often video us doing things and thought Charlie looked really funny,” he said. “It is a funny video. I’m really not that mean to Charlie. We’re just having fun.”

Cute or just a little bit cruel? Watch the video below and decide for yourself!