Range Rover Sport Hybrid braves 2,500 mile arctic marathon

The new Range Rover Sport Hybrid teamed up with luxury caravan company Airstream to embark on an epic 2,500 mile adventure to the Arctic Circle.

With an Airstream trailer in tow, the world’s first premium diesel hybrid SUV travelled all the way across Europe to Land Rover’s test centre in Sweden, before heading on to the north of Sweden.

Worst weather in living memory

A dramatic real-world test of the hybrid’s capability, the Range Rover Sport Hybrid had to pull the 2.5 tonne trailer through some of the worst Scandinavian weather in living memory.

Setting off from Land Rover’s headquarters in Gaydon, the Range Rover first made its way to Germany, where it picked up the Airstream trailer before setting off towards the north.

Proving itself more than capable of towing the trailer, the Range Rover Sport Hybrid generates a monstrous 700Nm of torque courtesy of its diesel and electric hybrid powertrain.

However, despite the might and prowess of the Range Rover, the team who embarked on the trip could never have predicted the weather conditions that lay in wait for them on their journey north.

Team leader Ben Samuelson said: “We were closely watching the long range weather forecasts before we set off but nothing prepared us for how bad it got.

“However, time after time, it was only as we got out of the car that we realised quite how treacherous it was outside.”

Lashed by gale force sidewinds and facing off against high levels of snow and temperatures as cold as -22 degrees, the conditions would have been enough to thwart the efforts of many of the Range Rover’s competitors.

However, the team was able to complete the journey and arrived at Land Rover’s cold-weather facility in Arjeplog in Sweden, one of the most northerly inhabited areas in the world.

Temperatures as low as -42 degrees

For four months each year, Land Rover’s engineers use the facility to test their vehicles in temperatures as low as 42 degrees below freezing to assess their capabilities.

Phil Talboys, who manages the Arjeplog test facility, said: “The Range Rover Sport Hybrid has gone through the same gruelling test and development regime that all our cars do.

“This journey just goes to show that the Range Rover Sport Hybrid is pure hybrid – with all the capability and versatility that you’d expect from a Land Rover.”

A modern evolution of one of Land Rover’s most popular models, the hybrid version of the Range Rover Sport has a long history of breaking records and winning awards.

The Range Rover Sport Hybrid is available to buy from Perrys dealerships now, and prices start from £82,650.