Jaguar rumoured to be working on XKSS reproduction

Jaguar could be gearing up to produce a limited-production reissue run of the two-seater XKSS, according to a company official.

Following the release of the six Lightweight E-Type reproductions constructed by Jaguar’s Special Operations Heritage Division last year, the company is reportedly working on a follow-up.

According to Special Operations head John Edwards, three or four potential candidates are being considered, with the XKSS rumoured to be the main contender.

The XKSS was built as a road-going version of Jaguar’s legendary D-Type racer following the marque’s withdrawal of the model in 1955, leaving several unfinished chassis left over.

Converted into a roadworthy two-seater, the XKSS only differed from the racer with the addition of a windshield and folding roof, and counted Steve McQueen among its more famous owners.

Other minor changes included the addition of a passenger door and the removal of the divider between passenger and driver seats, but the XKSS was otherwise all D-Type.

Like its successor, the Lightweight E-Type, only a few XKSS models were built. Nine of the 25 production cars were later destroyed in a fire, making the XKSS an interesting candidate for recreation.

9 replicas on the cards

As the six E-Type reproductions were created to replace the six original cars which never made it to production, it’s feasible that Jaguar would produce nine XKSS replicas if the project is confirmed.

It’s expected that if Jaguar does go ahead with it, the XKSS replicas will be built to the exact specifications of the 1950s originals by the Special Operations team.

Giving buyers a rare second chance to own one of Jaguar’s most iconic cars, the replicas aren’t expected to hurt the value of the originals thanks to their extremely limited numbers.

The Lightweight E-Type reproductions were hand built by Jaguar’s team, who eschewed the use of modern technology and materials to get as close to the originals as humanly possible.

Every detail, from the aluminium construction of its body to a period-correct interior and the same straight-six engine as the original, was painstakingly recreated by Special Operations last year.

Over £1,000,000 per model

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the legendary status of the E-Type amongst buyers, the six Lightweight E-Type reproduction models have already been sold, each going for more than a million pounds.

If the XKSS does go into production, it’s expected that it could command even more thanks to its legendary roots and list of famous fans, including Steve McQueen and Jay Leno.