SEAT turns up the heat with new Performance Pack

SEAT has launched a new Performance Pack for the Leon SC Cupra 280 hot hatch to further enhance the capability of its fastest-ever production car.

Named the Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack, the new package has been designed to copy the exact specs of the Cupra 280 which broke the Nurburgring lap time for a front-wheel drive production car.

Regardless of its racing credentials, SEAT stresses that a Cupra 280 equipped with the pack is still every inch the useable hot hatch, with rear seats, DAB digital radio and other practical mod cons.

Each pack adds the same specs the standard Sub8 Performance Pack, which means each model will come with lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels in a choice of black or orange, plus larger brakes.

Alongside this, SEAT will add body-coloured side skirts, while buyers can also specify optional semi-slick Michelin racing tyres for a small additional cost.

Exclusive to the Ultimate Sub8 pack, however, is special weight reduction engineering designed to increase the power-to-weight ratio of the Cupra 280, and therefore up performance.

Swapping the Leon’s climate control for a simpler heating system and shedding four of the usual eight speakers, the pack also ditches the centre armrest and rear air vents to shave off weight.

As a result, SEAT says that this will bring the Cupra 280 up to speed with the model that beat the fastest lap record on the Nurburgring’s infamous Nordschleife track.

Laptime coming in at under 8 minutes 

Completing the circuit is seven minutes and 58.4 seconds, the Cupra 280 managed to smash the record with a full ten seconds to spare compared to the previous record holder.

Each package will cost an additional £4,200 over the list price of a Leon SC Cupra 280, meaning that the price rises to £31,410 for an entry-level Cupra 280 with the Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack.

However, the price of the souped-up Cupra will still undercut its closest rival, the Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy-R, by £5,000, while each model is built specifically to order, ensuring exclusivity.

Customers can specify it with the usual choice of six-speed manual or DSG automatic transmission, while other Cupra equipment includes cruise control, rear parking sensors and touchscreen satnav.

The Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack is available now as an option for all new Leon SC Cupra 280 orders, while prices for the standard model start at £27,210.