White van man transforms his vehicle into mobile flat

A Sheffield electronics engineer has become the envy of thousands after quitting his job to travel the world in an old van, which he has transformed into a mobile studio flat.

Two years ago, 25-year old Mike Hudson left his cosy job to go travelling, but instead of booking an all-expenses paid flight and a hotel, he instead converted a scrap van into a mobile home.

Moving out of his house and giving away the vast majority of his possessions for free, Mike bought a used van on eBay for £2,500 before spending five months fixing it up using old scrap parts.

He used materials “found in DIY and home shops” to add a kitchen, a working shower and an extendable bed before fitting a sizeable on-board music system and crossing the channel last March.

Since then, he’s gone bear-spotting in Romania, surfed off the Portuguese coast, partied at free festivals in Spain, Hungary and Switzerland and celebrated Christmas in Athens.

He’s also managed to attract a fair few followers, with tens of thousands of followers on his official site, Vandog Traveller, where he posts blogs and pictures about his life on the road.

Speaking from his current location in an off-grid commune in Greece, he said: “I’m not sure what the nicest part has been. Nice, as in nature? Then probably Spain, Austria and Romania, in the mountains.”

However, life in a van often isn’t always as idyllic as one might imagine, and Mike has said that he was left with only £4,500 worth of savings after completing the conversion of his van.

As a result, he’s had to learn to cut his own hair, sew torn clothes and shave in the wing mirror of the van while also foregoing a lot of the mod cons that the rest of us can’t live without.

“Mostly little things like a toaster and other gadgets you realise are unnecessary,” he said, while adding that the one thing he really misses about being on the road is a jar of good old Marmite.

However, he has said that for the meantime, he plans on staying on the road as long as he can: “I feel like there’s so much more to do.

“I don’t know, I really like this. I know everything is temporary, but I’m just trying to do this for as long as I want.”

He also added that anybody who has a little cash in the bank and the spirit of adventure in their hearts should give it a go themselves, saying: “Anyone can do this.”

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