New Focus RS to debut next month

Ford has confirmed that the newest version of the legendary Focus RS will be unveiled to the public early next month.

Due to land on February 3rd, the latest generation of the fire-breathing RS hot hatch has been teased by the manufacturer in a new video, which shows the RS being tested on a Belgian track.

The prototype is disguised in a full camouflage wrap, but the video still hints at just some of the dynamic prowess that the new Focus RS is expected to have, with plenty of sideways action.

Ultimate performance version

Ford is calling the new RS the “ultimate performance version” of the Focus, and also announced that it will be available globally across the world for the first time in its history.

This follows Ford’s newly-adopted concept of creating “global vehicles” available in worldwide markets. The first global model is the 2015 Mustang, which will go on sale in the UK for the first time ever.

Confirming previous reports, Ford has also revealed that the new Focus RS will eschew the 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine from the Focus ST in favour of the 2.3-litre unit from the Mustang.

Extremely capable and extremely loud

It’s expected to pack well over 300bhp and be tailored specifically for the track, so fans can expect something extremely fast, extremely capable and more than likely extremely loud.

Raj Nair, Ford’s vice president of global product development, said: “To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving.”

He added: “EcoBoost is a strong example of how we are migrating technology and engineering across our line-up, ensuring our vehicles are fun to drive, not just our Ford Performance line-up.

“From our most nimble Fiesta to our hard-working full-size pickups and racing vehicles, our line-up benefits from the innovations we deliver at the track and at the limit.”

12 new performance vehicles

The new Focus RS will be just one of 12 new performance vehicles that Ford is planning to release under its Ford Performance banner by 2020.

Going up against rivals from the likes of premium German brands, the RS will be front-wheel drive and will also undercut its competition significantly, with an estimated price of around £30,000.

Prices and specifications for the new Ford Focus RS have yet to be released, but it’s expected that more will be known next month.