Many drivers ‘too poor’ to fix their cars

More than one in ten motorists are driving unsafe cars because they can’t afford to fix them, according to a new study.

The survey, undertaken by finance specialists Car Loan 4U, found that millions of drivers in the UK have been driving on the roads with cracked windscreens, faulty brakes and worn tyres.

Others who responded to the survey admitted to driving their cars with broken brake lights, missing or smashed wing mirrors or, incredibly, even seatbelts that don’t fasten properly.

Concerned about the cost

According to the study, the number one reason for not getting parts fixed was simply drivers’ concerns over the cost of repairs, while other reasons included not having the time.

A full quarter of motorists admitted that their current car needed replacing completely, but that they’d struggle to gather the money needed to buy a new model outright.

More worrying still, 14 per cent said that they didn’t feel safe driving their own cars, while another 17 per cent admitted to being worried about taking their cars out on long journeys.

Accidents caused by ignoring faults

Further to that, one in ten drivers claimed that their car had a fault which they had ignored, only for it to come back and cause either a near-miss or a full-blown accident.

James Wilkinson, Car Loan 4U’s CEO, the company that carried out the research, said: “When something starts to go wrong with your car, it can be daunting if you don’t really have the money to fix it.

“But it’s worrying to see so many are putting off fixing or replacing their car and driving around in something which might not be safe enough to be on the road.”

“Cutting corners on your car safety is not advisable,” Mr Wilkinson added, “and even if you think you can’t afford it, there are options out there.”

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