16 things only perpetually grumpy drivers will understand

Driving can be stressful. Seriously stressful.

It can oftentimes be tough enough just to get where you want to go, but when you factor in things like other drivers, roadworks and other problems what should be a simple trip into town can quickly become a recipe for disaster.

We Brits love to drive, but studies show that we also love to hate to drive. In fact, motoring gets the collective hackles of our nation up so badly that recent research named the UK as one of the worst countries in the world for road rage.

Amazingly, 76 per cent of British drivers have admitted to being on the receiving end of an angry driver at some stage in their lives, meaning that there are plenty of motoring grouches out there.

Everybody’s prone to getting their nerves frayed now and again, but some motorists will always be angrier than others. Are you one of them? See how many of these you can check off your list and find out!

1. Drivers constantly on their phones

When you’re piloting a 1,500kg+ solid metal death machine at 70mph, the last thing you’d want to be doing is distracting yourself by having your phone clamped to your ear, right? Not so for some drivers, it seems.

Not only is it dangerous, but it’s just downright rude seeing drivers openly disregarding the law and putting themselves and others at risk. Don’t even get us started on those who have kids in the car…

2. Passengers constantly on their phones too…

Parents, you’ll know this one. It’s not quite as bad as drivers who use their phones behind the wheel, but this is still pretty infuriating.

What could be more disheartening than being a third (or should that be fifth?) wheel in your own car, when your passenger insists on talking to everybody in their contacts list, while completely blanking you? It’s not like you’re giving them a free lift or anything…

3. Decorative indicators

Because that’s what indicators are for, right? Decoration. Oh wait, no, they’re actually pretty important. Why do some people not know how to use them when they’re needed the most?!

4. Cheeky cheating motorcyclists

You’re stuck in heavy traffic that barely moves an inch and hour, and all of a sudden you hear it. Bwap bwap. Bwap bwap.

Just like in Jaws when those terrifying bass notes symbolise the movements of the impending movie monster, the bwap bwap continues to intensify until a passing motorcycle zips past and nearly takes your wing mirror with it.

We know that lane filtering is perfectly legal, but somebody remind us exactly why…?

5. Fast lanes, slow drivers

Call a spade a spade, but shouldn’t the fast lane be reserved for drivers travelling faster than the left-hand side of the motorway, and not for those tootling along at 45mph?

Drivers with this particular bugbear will be pleased to know that police have now started taking measures to punish those awful sluggish lane-hogs. Take that, slowcoaches!

6. Backseat drivers

Yes, this is the right gear. No, I am not going too fast. Yes, I can see that car in front. Can we please stop now? Please?!

It has actually been estimated that backseat drivers cause as many as one in seven collisions or near misses as a result of being over-critical, with spousal bickering being the main cause. You can quote us on that next time somebody tries to unfairly criticise your driving!

7. Pedestrians crossing when the lights are green

Seriously, come on! You run across the street when the lights are green and expect everything to be okay. If we drive over the top of your precious pedestrian crossing when you’re meant to be crossing we never hear the end of it!

8. Tailgaters

Woah, that guy’s getting pretty close. He must be in a rush, I guess. That’s alright. Seriously though, how far up my exhaust pipe do you need to be? Maybe if I slow down he’ll go past me. Nope, he’s just slowing down too. Why…?

Tailgating isn’t just annoying and potentially stressful for drivers, it’s also dangerous as it dramatically increases the risk of ploughing straight into the rear end of another car if you’re not careful.

Bad news if you’re a tailgater all round though, as the government recently introduced new on-the-spot fines for dodgy drivers.

9. People who refuse to be overtaken

Kinda like the tailgater, but so much more annoying, is the driver who just refuses to let you pass. You go to overtake, he speeds up.

Even if you do somehow manage to get past, you can bet your bottom dollar that seconds later, he’ll come rushing past you in a cloud of exhaust fumes and inflated egotism.

10. Terrible parkers

One of the most common fuels to add to the fires of road rage, bad parking is as prolific as it is annoying.

There are few things on earth worse than trying to scope out the final few spaces in a busy multi-storey carpark only to find that some buffoon has managed to park across every single one of them.

11. Hitting nothing but red lights when you’re late

We’ve all had those days, haven’t we? You woke up late, had to endure a cold shower and then spent half an hour searching the house for your keys before finding them in your coat pocket.

Already 40 minutes late, you bolt out of the house and rush your way down the road before being slapped in the face with a big red light. And then another red light. Rinse and repeat until your blood reaches a strong boil.

If scientists could harness the power of this particular type of rage, it could power a small town for at least five weeks straight.

12. The low-emissions hipster brigade

We’re all for low-emissions, hybrid and electric vehicles, don’t get us wrong. That said, it’s impossible to not get aggravated when you meet one of those snarky lenseless glasses-wearing hipsters who insist on telling you how eco-friendly their new set of wheels is.

We get it, dude. You like the polar ice caps and stuff. Now take your skinny soy latte and your vintage penny farthing and buzz off.

13. Drivers who can’t choose the right lane

Is it the right lane or the left lane? It might be the middle lane. Then again, probably better to just take the left lane, right…?

We’ve all been there, so we hold a certain sympathy for drivers caught in this uncertain predicament, particularly in unfamiliar areas. That said, there’s still something so uniquely rage-worthy about a bad driver who insists on swapping lanes at least eight times a minute.

14. Drivers who choose both lanes

As if indecisiveness wasn’t bad enough, some drivers just want to have it all and instead decide that the best course of action is to just straddle both lanes and hope for the best. Diabolical.

15. Other grumpy drivers

It’s funny how one of the things that grumpy drivers hate the most is other grumpy drivers. “Look at him, shaking his fist like a lunatic! What a cretin!”, they cry.

Perhaps it’s that angry motoring breeds more angry motoring, or maybe it’s that aggravated drivers feel that only they and they alone can fathom the true depths of automotive rage. Either way, there’s little that makes grouchy drivers grouchier than other grouches.

16. MOT time

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