Is this the most forgetful driver in the world? This week on Facebook

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Thursday January 15th – Forgetful driver of the year 2015

Sometimes you see something on the road that you can’t even believe. Maybe it’s a dog driving an F-TYPE, maybe it’s a family of 8 heading to the seaside in a Renault Twizy (both of these we’d like to see, by the way…) – but how about something that defies belief more than this? For example… someone driving away from the petrol station without taking the nozzle out!

That takes dedication. We’d quite like to know how far from the petrol station they went before they realised!



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Wednesday January 14th – Happy Birthday Lotus Carlton!

One of the country’s best and most recognisable super saloons turned the ripe old age of 25 this week! That means the Lotus Carlton is old enough to run for a seat in the USA’s House of Representatives – unfortunately you have to be 35 before you can run for President…

To celebrate the big day, we wanted to know who had the best knowledge of the car! We asked our Facebook audience if they could name the top speed?

We won’t give away the answer, but a huge amount of you knew it! If you think you know it, take a guess in the comments below!



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Tuesday January 13th – Ford’s new performance models

You know how that famous saying goes: “New Ford performance cars are like buses, you wait for one and two come along at once!” 

Well, it goes something like that…

Anyway, it rang true this week when Ford treated the crowds at the Detroit Motor Show with a new Shelby Mustang AND a new Ford GT. That’s right, a new Ford GT! A 600bhp, 3.5-litre V6 engined GT – twin turbo with the power to reach an estimated 0-60mph time of 3.0 secs. Wow.

It’s mostly carbon-fibre to keep the weight low, which will be useful when it enters the 24hr Le Mans in 2016.

What do you think?



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And before we go…

Not only are Ford producing great racing cars, they’re putting as much effort into the technology of their production cars. Take a look at the video taken at Perrys Aylesbury Ford of the new Ford Focus parking itself! That’s right, you could do a crossword while your car parks itself in a bay…



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