Theory test to get CGI makeover

The DVSA is set to update the hazard perception part of the theory test this week, using new CGI technology.

Until now, learner drivers have used video recordings of real roads and situations during the test, in order to make issues more realistic for them.

However, the government has stated that the image quality of the theory test video clips isn’t as clear as it could be, and is now using modern CGI techniques to enhance and replace the old footage.

According to the DVSA, nothing will change about how the hazard perception test works and the number of points needed to pass, and the CGI will recreate the same examples shown in the videos.

Instead, learners taking the test will see more modern cars on the roads, up-to-date surroundings and highways, plus sharper pictures that will hopefully make it easier for them to spot hazards.

On top of that, using CGI will allow the DVSA to develop new clips with a wider range of hazards, for example situations with vulnerable road users like children or cyclists.

The CGI clips will also be able to support a wider range of driving conditions and can simulate night time driving or adverse weather conditions like heavy rain or snow.

Chief executive of the DVSA, Alastair Peoples, said: “Research has shown how effective the hazard perception test is in reducing the number of crashes involving newly qualified drivers.

“Using CGI clips in the hazard perception test will allow us to present clearer, more up to date situations, ensuring the test fully reflects the realities of modern day driving.”

This is the latest move from the DVSA to modernise the driving test after it was announced that the organisation would also shake-up the practical exam from this year onwards.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “We are carrying out initial research to explore how the driving test could better reflect real-life driving.”

Learner drivers at 20 test centres across the country will be given the option to trial a new version of the test throughout the year, which reportedly involves more emphasis on realistic manoeuvres.

According to the DVSA, the three-point turn could face the axe along with reversing around a corner, replaced with more practical and modern tasks like parking in a space and following a sat-nav.

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