Fiat driver sets the world record for tightest parallel park

World-renowned stunt driver Alastair Moffatt has set a new Guinness World Record for the Tightest Parallel Park, with the help of a trusty Fiat 500.

Alastair pulled off the amazing feat during the Performance Car Show at the 2014 Autosport International Racing Car show in Birmingham on January 8th.

Only 7.5cm to spare

Behind the wheel of a Fiat 500C, the driver was able to make the astonishing manoeuvre which has been captured on video, sliding the car between two other Fiat 500s with only 7.5cm to spare.

A master instructor at Stunt Drive UK, Alastair previously held the record for the tightest parallel parking stunt at 8.6cm, and also holds records for the tightest double and triple parallel park.

He said: “With the gap getting ever smaller, finding the right vehicle is increasingly important, so the light weight, agility, dimensions and parking-friendly shape of the Fiat 500 makes it perfect to getting into even the tightest parking spots.”

All the Fiat vehicles used in the record-breaking stunt were completely stock and unmodified, with no changes made to the engines, gearboxes, chassis or braking systems.

The only changes made were the addition of a steering knob to Alastair’s car to make it easier to turn the wheel quickly, while the ESC was disabled to allow handbrake control and tyre pressure increased.

Kate McLaren from Fiat UK said: “We’re delighted that Alastair chose the FIAT 500 to reclaim his parking crown and we congratulate him on his remarkable achievement!

“Obviously, we don’t recommend that people attempt such amazing manoeuvres in public, but it’s good to know just how manoeuvrable a Fiat 500 really is in the hands of a trained professional.”

Multiple record-breaker

In October last year, another Fiat 500 also hit the headlines for breaking its own world record, though for an entirely different reason altogether.

Italian hair stylish Maria Lucia Mugno was challenged by a friend to cover her car in hair, and went on to smash the Guinness World Record for the World’s Hairiest Car.

The furry Fiat is covered completely from top to tail in more than 150kg of real human hair, with everything from the grille to the steering wheel upholstered with variously coloured tresses.

According to the stylist, the hair used has to be imported specially from India, as she claims that Indian hair is stronger than that of Europeans. It’s not cheap, though, with estimated costs clocking in at £63,000.

Fiat’s 500 supermini is currently the best-selling vehicle in its segment in all of Europe and is available to buy from Perrys dealerships now, priced from £10,420.