12 reasons why Hyundai might be the coolest carmaker ever

There’s no doubt about it, the car business is cool. From Ford’s unique tomato-based plastic to artificially intelligent Land Rovers and even cars with built-in flamethrowers, there’s always something out there just waiting to blow your mind.

Yet, while there are plenty of nifty things from lots of manufacturers, there’s always one or two companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest, and in terms of sheer awesomeness, we reckon one particular South Korean firm takes the top spot.

Here’s just some of the reasons why Hyundai is really winning.

1. They make their own robots…

No, seriously. The people who made the supermini in your driveway also make their own army of super-advanced robots.

According to Hyundai, they only way they have complete trust in building their cars is to also build the robots that make them, meaning that they can continually adapt them to improve efficiency.

2. … And also build their own ships

Not content just to build cars and robots, Hyundai’s commitment to quality even extends to the ships that its new cars are transported in.

As well as constructing ships to carry cars, Hyundai also manufactures submersibles and even builds the full fleet of warships used by the South Korean Navy.

3. It’s one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world

The fourth largest on earth, in fact. Hyundai clocks in just behind Toyota, General Motors and the Volkswagen Group, which owns SEAT among other marques.

Currently, the South Korean firm employs more than 75,000 people across the globe, and sells its cars in a total of 193 different countries. That means that there’s only three countries on the whole planet where Hyundai cars aren’t sold.

4. Oh, they also make indestructible tyres

Hyundai’s engineers have been hard at work for years now, trying to revolutionise the traditional pneumatic tyre.

Among their achievements are special honeycomb-style tyres, which are puncture proof. They’ve also designed self-healing paint and wiperless windscreens.

5. They cherry-pick Europe’s best and brightest

In order to make cars that are suited to European drivers, Hyundai drafts in a wealth of local talent to help them better understand the needs of their markets.

The company built a special design and engineering centre in the heart of Europe, and filled it with a unique mixture of multicultural talent from across the continent to inspire its range of award-winning vehicles.

6. Eco-friendliness is a top priority

Far from a big, bad corporation, Hyundai also stresses the importance of eco-friendliness in everything it does.

When building the factory in the Czech Republic which manufactures the i30, Hyundai uprooted more than 1,000 trees to plant them elsewhere, and then returned them later.

7. No, seriously

The company also has invested billions into increasing its environmental knowledge to lessen its impact on the world around it.

In northern China, Hyundai planted more than 12,000 acres of grassland to combat dust storms which had been blamed for causing health problems for local residents.

8. They’re bezzies with that bloke from Made in Chelsea

It’s not just a major player in the automotive world, Hyundai recently proved its totes rah credentials by rubbing shoulders with Made in Chelsea regular Jamie Laing.

They’re such good buds, in fact, that Hyundai even offered to lend the McVities heir one of its i10 city cars for him to take his driving lessons in. Spiffing!

9. Oh, they’re big on their footy too

As it turns out, Hyundai is a huge fan of football, and acts as one of the primary sponsors to a long list of football championships the world over.

Hyundai currently sponsors the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Korea Football Association and the Olympique Olyonnais among others.

10. Every new car is personally tested

No, really. At Hyundai’s factory in the Czech Republic, each new car is given a test run by an inspector after it leaves the line.

Where other manufacturers will test every one car of a hundred, Hyundai’s inspectors personally drive every single car that leaves the line to ensure perfect quality.

11. Tested by an expert in vehicular torture, that is

They don’t go easy on their products, either. As part of the testing phase, the company puts each model through a gruelling series of challenges to determine their ability to withstand use.

Just some of the tests include putting each model in a chamber that generates heat up to a searing 60 degrees, while there are also dedicated chambers for driving through deep snow.

12. Proof is in the purchase

Despite all of this, the real proof of Hyundai’s success is all in the numbers. Throughout 2014, Hyundai sold almost 82,000 new cars in the UK, shooting the company’s growth rate up nine per cent over last year.

Add that to an array of critical acclaim, with the company even named the Best Carmaker in 2011, and Hyundai is looking like one of the most attractive companies in recent years.

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