Ever wanted to buy a flying car? Now you can!

Ever wanted to be the proud owner of your very own flying car? Well, now you can be! Sort of, anyway.

American auctioneers Barrett-Jackson is flogging a flying car http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/cars-fly/ prototype called the Sky Commuter, which was designed by Washington company Sky Innovations back in the early 90s.

Set up by former Boeing employees, Sky Innovations was one of the most promising companies of the late 80s http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/pre-90s-cars-popular-with-public/, but unfortunately proved to be better at burning through cash than making cars fly.

A reported £4 million was spent by the company trying to make their vertical take-off and landing car concept http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/citroen-reveals-hybrid-air-cactus-concept/ a reality, although the company eventually folded and left angry investors high and dry.

Filling the airways?

Regardless, Sky Innovations claimed that one day the Sky Commuter would fill the airways http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/vauxhall-supporting-historic-world-war-aircraft-flight/ of the world, with the car reportedly able to travel 85 miles per hour in the air, with a range of 225 miles.

“We don’t want a lot of idiots crashing these things like the early days of ultralight flying,” the company said. “We want to make it foolproof.”

Three prototypes were built, and the company even claimed to have performed successful test flights http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/land-rover-virgin-galactic-partner-testing-programmes/, though oddly no visual documentation of these flights exists.

Sole survivor

Of the three first built, only the one offered by Barrett-Jackson survives, and it was last sold on eBay http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/perrys-scoop-ebays-dealer-group-year-award/ back in 2008 for a cool £86,000.

The Sky Commander’s spec sheet is as wacky as the concept itself, with a gas-assisted bubble canopy to house two occupants and a joystick on the centre console in place of a steering wheel.

Machined from a mixture of carbon fibre and Kevlar, the flying car prototype featured a rear-engine setup http://www.perrys.co.uk/new-renault-twingo  with three fans designed for vertical take-off and landing like a Harrier jump-jet.

Land or water

According to its spec list, it can take off on the ground or on water, and it can also float like a boat http://www.perrys.co.uk/car-news/news/the-jaguar-xf-sportbrake-speedboat-revealed/ if set down on a river or in the sea, which is good news if you have to perform an emergency landing.

Good news is that the Barrett-Jackson auction has no reserve, so you could be getting a good deal http://www.perrys.co.uk/new-and-nearly-new-car-deals if you’re serious about owning a Sky Commuter, but don’t blame us if you never make it off the ground!

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