Is this the worst parking ever? Yorkshire drivers shamed online

We at Perrys love a good parking fail, but some of these might be truly taking the biscuit!

Drivers who commit sins against parking in Hull are now being publicly shamed on a new Facebook page, which aims to expose those drivers that it claims are too lazy to park properly.

The page, Bad Parking Cars – Hull, routinely posts pictures of local drivers in the East Yorkshire area whose parking skills are considered severely sub-par.

Trolley bay

Just some of the pictures posted on the page by Facebook users include a Renault Clio rammed into the trolley bay in a supermarket car park, and many others parked across multiple spaces.

Further examples include the owner of another Clio who decided to park in a space clearly marked for motorcycles, plus cars left on grassy verges and even zebra crossings.

The page’s creator, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims that the page is proving a hit as other drivers can identify with the parking pet peeves and because they can recognise the locations.

Harmless fun

He said: “The reason for launching the page is to show how incompetent or selfish people can be when parking their vehicle.

“It’s harmless fun and it’s just one of those things that gets on a lot of people’s nerves, because it only takes seconds to straighten up your car once you have parked in a space.”

It’s more bad news for those who leave their cars in awkward positions as well, as recently released figures claim that parking mishaps can cost drivers in the UK upwards of £700m a year.

Repair bills

Insurers across the UK have claimed that, as a result of the bad parking skills of others, British drivers are forced to foot a total of £716m in extra repair bills caused by low-speed car park collisions.

Liz Fisher, director of sales at compensation company Accident Exchange, said: “Looking at the statistics, you’d think there is chaos in car parks up and down the country and that drivers are literally battling for spaces to park.

“The fact is, though, that drivers are having to squeeze their larger cars into smaller spaces and there are many more car journeys made than just a decade ago.”

She added: “On top of that, visibility from inside the cabin of new cars is compromised compared to older vehicles, which used far more glass and had lower sills and narrower pillars. That could be part of the explanation for the recent increase.”

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