Virtual reality headset brings Discovery Sport to life

Land Rover has revealed a revolutionary new way of supporting the launch of its new Discovery Sport model, by using virtual reality.

Due to be introduced around the UK, including in Perrys’ Rocar Moores and Copley dealerships, Land Rover has developed a smart way of immersing customers via a Durovis Dive augmented reality headset.

The world’s first hands-free, smartphone compatible virtual reality system, Land Rover has adapted the Durovis Dive to display a fully interactive 3D model of the new Discovery Sport SUV .

When visiting dealerships, customers will be able to put on the headset, which contains an iPhone 5 preloaded with a special app, and step into the Durovis Dive virtual world.

3D model

They will then be immersed in a highly-detailed realistic 3D model of the new SUV, and will be able to walk around the vehicle in order to get a full sense of the size and scale of the new model.

The headset will also display various high-tech animations at key points to demonstrate features, and will also open up a full 360-degree display of the Discovery Sport’s interior.

In addition, the tailgate is able to fully open, and customers will be able to truly witness the versatility and unique points of the new model, according to Land Rover.

Bringing the Discovery Sport to life

Laura Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover’s marketing director, said: “We wanted to bring the new Discovery Sport to life between the global announcement and vehicles arriving in showrooms.

“We have received a huge amount of interest from customers through our retailers across the country, and this will give an exciting immersive experience, beyond that of a traditional online configurator or sales brochure.”

“I am confident customers will find the experience informative and enjoyable,” she added.

“Bringing such an experience to a relatively small device provides the customer with the ease and familiarity of an iPhone together with the simplicity of updating the software to add accessories and the latest colour options.”

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport was first unveiled last year, and is due to go on sale around the country on 22nd January, with prices starting from £32,395.