2014: The year in review

All in all, 2014 has been a great year. It brought us the 20th World Cup, Flappy Bird and the Apple Watch.

It was also the year of the Ice Bucket Challenge (remember that?), Pharrell Williams’ hat and Disney smash-hit Frozen. Above all of that, though, 2014 was an absolutely cracking year for new cars!

However, news travels so fast these days that often it can be hard to catch up, or even remember what’s happened in the past couple of months.

Before we head into 2015, we thought we’d put together a quick list of some of the best highlights of this year – why not see how many you can remember!


Perrys auctions classic Vauxhall Viva

Not long after the festive period, Perrys kicked off the year with a charitable act and auctioned off an original Vauxhall Viva in aid of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospital.

The auction ended on Sunday 19th January and Perrys managed to raise over £7,100 before the keys were handed over to the winner by the very same Perrys salesman as who first sold the car in 1977!

Kia unveils GT4 Stinger

Kia revealed their amazing GT4 Stinger concept model towards the middle of the month at the 2014 Detroit motor show. With rear-wheel drive and a 2.0-litre 315bhp engine, Kia claims it performs as well as it looks.

Not just that, but if rumours are to be believed, we could be seeing it on our roads sooner rather than later!


Citroen Cactus makes its debut

Citroen’s C4 Cactus is nothing if not unique. One of the most eye-catching and revolutionary models to be released in recent years, Citroen first lifted the curtain on the high-tech Cactus early in February.

Anniversaries all round

There were two major anniversaries in February, with Perrys Mazda dealership in Preston having celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 13th.

Alongside that, the best-selling two seater roadster in the world, Mazda’s brilliant MX-5, celebrated its 25th anniversary; a quarter of a century and still going strong!


Renault Twingo revealed

Renault’s new Twingo supermini features one of the most revolutionary supermini designs in recent years with its rear-engined, rear-wheel drive powertrain layout. Before being released later in the year, the public got its first taste of the Twingo in March.

Leon Cupra sets Nurburgring record

SEAT’s Leon Cupra hot hatch is a real handful with its 2.0-litre 278bhp engine, and set an impressive lap record in March on the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife track.

Completing the lap in just seven minutes and 58.4 seconds, the Cupra has been officially named the record holder for fastest front-wheel drive production car, having beat the previous record by a full 10 seconds!


Perrys named National Dealer Group of the Year

March was another great year for Perrys, after we were named the National Dealer Group of the Year by Motability.

The awards were judged on customer feedback and reviews of Motability performance, with Perrys claiming the top spot for excellent service.

Ford Fiesta ST-3 unveiled

Ford’s range-topping version of the Fiesta ST hot hatch, the ST-3 was officially revealed in April this year. Building on the acclaim of the previous ST-1 and ST-2 models, the ST-3 added extra kit like keyless entry, cruise control and automatic wipers.


Specs revealed for Peugeot 108

The follow-up to Peugeot’s hugely successful 107 model, Peugeot’s entry-level city car features a range of modern and high-tech equipment, and was first revealed by the French manufacturer at the start of May.

Nissan Pulsar revealed

Nissan fully unmasked its new Pulsar family hatchback for the first time in May. Sitting alongside the Qashqai and X-Trail in Nissan’s family lineup, the Pulsar offers slick new styling and a full range of kit and safety technologies.


Perrys named eBay Dealer of the Year

The next big win for Perrys came towards the start of June, when eBay Motors named the company Dealer Group of the Year in recognition of Perrys’ use of online platforms and social media.

JLR announces Special Operations

One of the more exciting developments from Jaguar Land Rover throughout the year was the announcement of the company’s new Special Operations division.

Designed to build high-spec and bespoke derivatives of Jaguar Land Rover’s models, as well as to service and reproduce vintage models, the division will be responsible for some of the more extreme models to be produced by the marque in the coming years.


Unprecedented demand for Project 7

Jaguar’s F-TYPE Project 7, the first car produced by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations division, proved extremely popular amongst fans when it was unveiled.

Powered by a massive 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with 567bhp, only 250 of the models were produced, each of which was snapped up by buyers under a week after the order books opened. Who can blame them?!

Ford reveals Mustang performance specs

From one high-powered legend to another, Ford also revealed the first performance specs for the new 2015 Mustang in July.

Along with the typical Mustang V8 option, Ford also included an all-new 2.3-litre version of its award-winning EcoBoost engine, which pumps out a dizzying 305bhp. Nice!


Jaguar reveals E-Type reproduction

One of the most legendary British racers of all time, the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type is set to make a return thanks to the hard word of Jaguar’s Heritage team.

A total of six exact replicas of the original 60s models will be lovingly crafted by Jaguar’s team, and the news was first dropped officially by the manufacturer in August.

Range Rover SVR specs

August was also the month in which Land Rover officially announced specs and pricing for the Range Rover Sport SVR, the fastest production Land Rover model ever.

Priced from £93,450, the new Sport SVR is the first Jaguar Land Rover model to feature the SVR badge, which will be fixed to all high-performance models in the future


Specs for new Mondeo

One of the most long-awaited models in recent years, Ford officially released specifications for the all-new Mondeo family saloon in September.

Billed as the most technologically advanced Mondeo ever produced, the new model is bursting at the seams with high-tech safety and infotainment features, and even comes with a new hybrid option!

Discovery Sport & XE

It was also a big month for Jaguar Land Rover, with the unveiling of two of the marque’s most important new models.

The Jaguar XE saloon was unveiled to acclaim in London early in the month, boasting an all-new design and powertrain to make it not only the most affordable Jaguar ever, but the most fuel efficient too.

Likewise, the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport also surfaced in September as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s new product offensive. Like the XE, it comes with a fantastic range of features and kit, and is predicted to be one of Land Rover’s biggest sellers next year.


Death of the tax disc

Almost 100 years of motoring history were torn up at the start of October after the government officially abolished the paper tax disc.

Introduced as a cost-cutting measure to save money on admin fees, the tax disc was ruled out and has instead been replaced with a new online database, which allows the DVLA to track taxes.

New Corsa prices revealed

The new fourth-generation Corsa made its debut at the Paris Motor Show at the start of October, just days before the order books opened.

A total of nine trim levels for the new Corsa are available, with entry level prices starting from only £8,995. Jam-packed with new engines and kit, we’re seriously excited for this one!

Pulsar Nismo & Focus ST

October was also a great month for hot hatches, with both the Nissan Pulsar Nismo concept and the Ford Focus ST being fully revealed within a week or two of each other.

Unfortunately, the Pulsar Nismo is at this stage just a concept exercise (despite some pretty convincing rumours that it’s on its way to the production line), however the Focus ST is very much a reality.

Specifically created with performance in mind, the aggressively-styled new ST also features the first-ever diesel engine available in the range. Due to roll into dealerships early next year, it’s one we’re keeping a close watch on!


Four-wheel drive F-TYPE

Just when you thought the F-TYPE couldn’t get any better, the boffins at Jaguar went ahead and gave it four-wheel drive. Hubba-hubba!

Available on both V6 and V8-equipped models in coupe and convertible formats, the AWD versions are just some of a new product offensive on behalf of Jaguar, with the F-TYPE range now boasting a total of 14 models.

Ford unleashes Shelby GT350

One of the most iconic performance names in the history of motoring, the newest version of the legendary Shelby GT350 features a full 500bhp of pure American muscle.

If this car was a person, it would set fire to your front lawn before punching the flames out, and that’s why we love it. It’s brash, it’s bold and it’s gonna be fast as a greased weasel. Our only complaint is that it unfortunately isn’t planned for UK release, but we can still dream!


Vive la Viva!

Following the release of the new GT350, another legendary nameplate was revitalised after Vauxhall announced that it’s going to bring back the much-loved Viva.

Updated and improved for a modern generation, this new Viva takes the shape of a five-door city car with a frugal engine and a range of high-tech mod cons for the modern urban driver. We can’t wait!

Mazda2 pricing revealed

Designed as a stylish and well-equipped to superminis like the Ford Fiesta, Mazda’s all-new Mazda2 certainly is an attractive option with its swooping KODO design.

Available in five trims with 16 engine options, the Mazda2 also features a range of smart equipment, like an MZD Connect infotainment system and a class-first heads-up display which projects driver information directly onto the windscreen.

Focus RS confirmed

As if the new Viva didn’t have us excited enough, we were practically jumping for joy when Ford announced that it’s finally to release a new version of the ridiculously hot Focus RS.

It’s been a great year for Ford so far, especially for its performance division, and the return of the RS is just the latest string to the manufacturer’s bow.

Don’t forget that this is just a slice of what happened throughout 2014; to stay on top of all the latest in news, guides and blogs, be sure to keep up with our website. Have a Merry Perrys Christmas and a happy New Year!