Britain’s smallest double yellow lines bewilder motorists

Motorists have been left bewildered after council workers painted the shortest double yellow lines in Britain on a Cambridge street.

Measure less than a foot at just 28cm long, the no-parking lines are shorter than a ruler and have been painted between two parking zones in the middle of a street.

If drivers encroach on the lines, they could be slapped with a fine of up to £70 for parking on the area which is barely the length of four toy cars.

Local residents have blasted the new lines for being a waste of taxpayers’ money after the new lines were installed, beating the previous shortest double yellows by a full five centimetres.

One local said: “The double yellow lines are an absolute waste of money, I can’t believe someone has bothered to paint them on.”

These double yellow lines “defy logic”

Another resident of the road where the lines were painted, 51-year old Liz Hazell, added: “It’s the craziest set of double yellow lines I have ever seen. It just defies logic as to why they bothered painting them on the road.”

Even former mayor of Cambridge Rob Dryden ridiculed the lines, saying: “Perhaps a child with a toy car could park there, but nothing else could.”

However, Cambridgeshire County Council was quick to defend itself, claiming that the tiny yellow lines are actually there to help motorists with their parking abilities.

A council spokesman said: “Although we have seen people try and squeeze cars into unusual places such as pedestrian crossings, we don’t expect anyone to try and park on these lines.

“This is a genuine attempt to be helpful to motorists by signalling with other signs the divide between pay and display parking and residents’ parking on this street.”

The spokesman added: “The lines mark the border between the two types of parking and aim to help drivers park in the right bays and avoid a fine for parking in the wrong one.”

Prior to the lines in Cambridge, the previous record holder for the shortest double yellows was Norwich, with lines measuring just 41cm painted on a street in the city back in 2011.

It was previously reported last year that certain councils in the UK were considering ditching double yellow lines in favour of restricted parking zones in order to control traffic.

Norman Baker, Local Transport Minister, urged councils around the country to adopt the measure after local authorities in Cornwall, Suffolk and Warwickshire adopted the parking zones instead.