Christmas gift guide: Best stocking fillers for car fans

We don’t mean to alarm anybody, but there’s just one weekend left until Christmas. Eeeep!

While there are plenty of people who are so dedicated to the Christmas season that they get their holiday shopping done by mid-July, if you’re anything like the rest of us then you’re probably only getting round to tying the loose ends up now.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not Scrooges by any account, but as time go by it seems as though Christmas flies round quicker and quicker; there just never seems to be enough time in the day!

Unfortunately, car fans can often be some of the hardest people to buy for at Christmas. You know what they like (cars, obvs!), but sometimes you’re just not in the position to buy your loved one that vintage Alfa they’re always banging on about.

Short of a pair of socks with some tyre prints on it, what else can you get them? Luckily, Perrys is on hand to offer you a couple of tips as to what the automotive fanatics in your life might like.

Read on to find out some of our recommended stocking fillers for this festive season:

For the ladies

It’s relatively easy to buy a decent present for a man who likes cars; essentially anything automotive-related will be fine. If it’s got four wheels and an engine, most guys will like it.

Girls, however, are always that bit more discerning when it comes to gifts. Buying something like a sponge kit or a new leather toolbag might be your one-way ticket to the doghouse on Christmas morning, and the weather’s cold enough without a cold shoulder to worry about too!

The subtle approach, therefore, might be the most advisable – Fiat offers a range of official Fiat 500 merchandise, including a cute little 500-shaped charm pendant that could make the perfect addition to this year’s present pile.

For the lads

Luckily, boys are usually a lot easier to buy for than girls. The problem usually is finding something that they’ll actually use rather than just look at for a while and then throw away.

What you need, then, is something with a little more “go” than “show”. There are a range of various remote-control cars that can be bought, including this officially licensed RC replica of the Nissan GT-R.

It mightn’t be quite as fast as the real thing, but it’s definitely a lot more portable and a lot cheaper!

For small kids

Small car fans will be the envy of all their schoolmates with this, an officially licenced miniature ride-on version of the legendary Ford Mustang!

Realistically detailed on the inside and out, this dinky little battery-powered Fisher Price Mustang seats two kids and even boasts cup holders and a top speed of 5mph.

We’re not going to lie, we almost wish we were kids again just so we could get to have a go on one of these! Luckily for us, the new 2015 version of the real thing is close to release in the UK, in true right-hand drive format for the first time ever and all. We’re not sure it’ll quite fit under our tree, though…

For bigger kids

For kids who are a little too big for toys, there are still plenty of options available for the discriminating car fan. Chevrolet, makers of the incredible Corvette and Camaro models, also offers a wide range of officially licensed gifts and apparel.

Among those is the Chevrolet Racing gaming chair, which is sure to satisfy any avid gamer who’s also a car fan. Incorporating an easy-fold design, it also features built-in speakers which can connect to any media player, home entertainment of video game systems, plus a side control panel.

What’s more, buyers can also specify optional personalised text up to 13 characters which can be added below the Chevy logo. Neat!

For the fashionista

As well as making some of the best cars ever to grace the tarmac, Jaguar also offers an extensive range of clothing, which ranges from simple t-shirts to bespoke Heritage-inspired jackets, bags and shirts.

Everything from caps to waterproofs are available at every price range, while the marque’s range of Heritage ’57 items include classy driving jackets, espresso sets and even a cute little teddy bear, all inspired by Jaguar’s racing history.

Perfect for any Jag fan who likes to literally wear their hearts on their sleeves!

For the chef

Fun fact: did you know that Peugeot actually started making out salt and pepper mills… and that it still does?!

Founded in 1810, the French manufacturer started off in 1842 by manufacturing coffee grinders, plus salt and pepper mills among other things. Not just any salt and pepper mills either; Peugeot’s mills are actually regarded by many as some of the best in the world, with each coming with a lifetime guarantee.

To this day, Peugeot still continues to manufacture salt, pepper and coffee mills, which you can buy today and which still retain their reputation for quality, just like their cars.

For those who have it all

We all know somebody like this; what the dickens do you buy somebody who seemingly has everything?!

There are a number of unique and novelty items available specifically for people who appear to have everything they could want, including the clever ‘Gift of Nothing’ that’s full of nothing but air.

We reckon we can do one better than this, though. Some people may claim that they need nothing or that they already have everything, but what’s the chances that they own a full collection of vintage and high-performance Jaguars, eh?

As a result, the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience might be the perfect answer for car fans who just seem to have every other box ticked.

It’s no cop-out, either; the Heritage experience allows visitors to get behind the wheel of some of the company’s most legendary machines, including various pre-war models, the legendary E-Type and high-performance F-TYPE R Coupe.

A range of different experiences are available, with visitors able to drive from one car to the whole range of Jaguar Heritage’s vast collection. We wouldn’t mind this one ourselves, just saying!

If none of these tickle your fancy, don’t forget that you can also pop into your local Perrys dealership to see what else we have on offer.

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Designed to get your car in tip-top condition for the winter , the 25-point check costs only £25 for the full treatment, so why not get in touch today and see if your Christmas can be merry with Perrys?