A police car with an embarrassing spelling mistake? This week on Facebook

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Sunday December 7th – Can you spot the spelling mistake?

We’re not usually ones to laugh at other people’s misfortune, but we couldn’t help but give a little giggle when we saw this!

South Yorkshire Police had their Vauxhall Astra wrapped with classic Police livery, only to realise someone left the I out. On a more positive note, we commend them for their choice in vehicle!



Post by Perrys Motor Sales.


They’re not alone though, this incident reminded us of a certain Mayor’s campaign car…




Tuesday 9th December – Happy 30th Birthday to the Peugeot GTi!

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the first GTi? The 205 GTi encapsulated the Hot Hatchback with its lightweight body and fantastic handling. It came in both 105bhp 1.6 and 130bhp 1.9 engines which gave it a top speed of around 120mph! Wow.

So to celebrate 30 years of the hottest hatches, the French brand are releasing the fierce-looking 30th Anniversary Edition 208 GTi. And boy does it look fierce. A two-tone matte paint job gives it that racer look without being obnoxious about it.

They even released an advert featuring the original 205 GTi – it’s clear that Peugeot are proud of their heritage, and with good reason! Chris, on the Perrys Facebook page, summed it up: “My 205 gti was king. It’s got big boots to fill.”



Post by Perrys Motor Sales.


Wednesday 10th December – Range Rover Sport with red stripe!

Sometimes we have a used car that comes to us that we take to a little bit too much. It’s happened again with this fantastic Range Rover Sport at our Rocar Moores Land Rover retailer.

So much so, we wrote a haiku to show our appreciation:

Oh, Range Rover Sport

How we love your big red stripe

We want to drive you.



Post by Perrys Motor Sales.