Is this the world’s coolest car collection?

A Chicago man has created what has to be the world’s coolest car collection with a variety of custom DeLoreans.

Rich Weissensel is fanatical about the world’s most famous doomed sports car and currently owns a total of five models, which includes a monster truck, limousine and even a hovercraft version.

Remodelling and refitting the iconic stainless-steel body into a range of designs that are as bizarre as they are brilliant, Rich’s creations are part of an ongoing process 14 years in the making.

Monster truck

The 50-year old software engineer’s first creation was a radical monster truck version of the DeLorean DMC-12, dubbed the D-Rex.

Rich claims that he was inspired to start building his custom cars after meeting the company founder, John DeLorean, at a DeLorean car show.

He said: “I showed him some of my sketches and told him I’d like to build something like this. He probably thought I was a little bit crazy, but he said if you think you can do it, go for it.”

Rich constructed the monster truck-inspired D-Rex over a two month period by marrying the body of a wrecked DMC-12 to a Chevrolet K5 Blazer SUV, and fitted a range of upgrades.


Along with the monster truck, Rich also successfully completed a 26-foot long DeLorean limousine, complete with famous gull-wing doors.

Rich said: “It’s got three sets of gull-wing doors so we have six fully operational doors on there.

“That’s never been attempted as far as I know on any kind of limousine, probably for good reason, they’re very difficult to get everything lined up exactly right.”

Although his antics have made other DeLorean fans a little uneasy, Rich claims that he employs a strict code of conduct when it comes to his builds, and insists on using damaged cars only.

He explained: “I use them primarily because there’s so few DeLoreans actually built that I didn’t want to remove the good ones from the population.

“I wait till I get damaged cars and I use them for the projects as I come up with them.”

More to come

Despite having already spent the past 14 years working on his custom creations, Rich says that he already has the concept for his next model lined up.

“I have so many ideas for custom DeLoreans,” he said. “I’m not sure whether time, money or my eventual age will stop me from building them but as long as I’m able I’ll keep doing it.”

“Crazy? Absolutely, I would say I’m without a doubt DeLorean crazy.”