Ford’s new Police Interceptor gets EcoBoost engine

Ford has started to produce its awesome new Police Interceptor saloon model with EcoBoost engines, while retaining its title of world’s quickest accelerating pursuit vehicle.

Traditionally powered by a V6 engine, the new 2015 Police Interceptors are now instead powered by the frugal petrol EcoBoost but still report unparalleled performance .

According to Ford, the Interceptor was tested against all of its competitor models by both Michigan and Californian police authorities. Both forces reported that the EcoBoost-powered model can out-accelerate even models powered by massive V8s.

Best acceleration

Arie Groeneveld, the Police Interceptor’s chief engineer, said he was thrilled that the Police Interceptor has maintained its title of the fastest-accelerating pursuit car.

He added: “Quickly closing the distance between an officer and a target vehicle is key to safely avoiding high-speed pursuits. Our police vehicles are built around officer safety, and outstanding performance is yet another demonstration of that commitment.”

Michigan State Police reported that the EcoBoost-powered Interceptor could reach 60mph from a standstill in just 5.8 seconds, nearly a full second ahead of its nearest competitor.

The Police Interceptor sure is a handsome beast, and if we had to pick a car to patrol our streets, it would no doubt be this one. Unfortunately, however, the Interceptor is currently used exclusively within the United States.

EcoBoost range

Regardless, the EcoBoost engine is still available in a wide range of Ford’s models, with all of its new range now featuring EcoBoost options, including the new Mondeo and even the Mustang.

In fact, Ford has reported that the EcoBoost engine is so popular with European buyers, than year one in every five Ford vehicles ordered this year has been specified with an EcoBoost power unit.

Designed with frugality in mind but without scrimping on performance, the fact that Ford has included it in high-performance pursuit cars should be evidence enough of its capability.

A4 paper

In the case of the 1.0-litre model that comes in various Fords, including the new Fiesta, the engine block is actually so small that it could fit on an A4 sheet of paper. Punching far above its weight, however, the dinky turbocharged engine can generate up to 123bhp.

Ford’s new Mustang also comes with a larger version of the EcoBoost, a 2.3-litre version with an incredible 305bhp and 433Nm of torque for pure muscle car performance.

Turbocharged like its little 1.0-litre sibling, the larger unit makes the 2015 Mustang the most fuel efficient model yet, though there’s also a V8 option for traditionalists.

Prices for the new Ford Mustang have yet to be announced, though the Fiesta is currently priced from £9,695.