DVLA auctions number plate for record £500k

A new British record has been set after the DVLA announced that it auctioned off a personalised registration plate for more than £500,000.

The record-breaking plate number was 25 O, and was bought for £518,000 by leading car collector John Collins, who also owns Talacrest, which sells classic cars including vintage Italian supercars.

Held at the Vale Resort near Cardiff, the three-day DVLA auction was the 150th live sale by the Agency as part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, with a total of 1,600 plates up for grabs.

Eric Clapton

According to Mr Collins, the 25 O plate will be put on to a car which once belonged to Eric Clapton, while he also bought a separate plate, 250 L, for £130,230.

Just moments after his victory, he said: “I was just determined to own them, it was just a case of how much I was going to have to pay for the privilege.”

When asked how much he was prepared to pay, Mr Collins added: “I’m not too sure, it could possibly have been the first £1 million personalised registration!”


The other top-selling plates at the auction so far have been CU11 ENS, which was bought for £26,648, possibly by an avid Twilight fan, and FU11 ERS, which went for £23,202.

Jody Davies, DVLA personalised registrations’ events manager, said: “What a spectacular way to mark our 150th auction during our 25th Anniversary year.

“While we had high hopes for both registrations, we never dreamt they would be so successful and enable us to make history for the DVLA.”


An auction held by the DVLA last year also saw the most expensive female-name plate sold in recent years, with CO11 EEN having been sold for £38,850 last November.

The DVLA events manager said: “We were overjoyed at the interest surrounding CO11 EEN and, with the way events are shaping up, next week’s sale at Twickenham looks equally as exciting.

“2014 has been yet another hugely successful year for our auction programme. The sums generated, not just surrounding our headline-grabbing high valued registrations, but also those listed with relatively low reserves, have been phenomenal.”

Throughout this year so far, more than £10.4 million has been raised for HM Treasury, while over £2 billion has been raised since the organisation started selling personalised plates 25 year ago.