Want to beat depreciation? Try a Mondeo

Industry experts have predicted that the new Ford Mondeo will retain its value better than even luxury German brands. This comes according to independent vehicle valuations provider CAP Automotive, who also stated that the new Mondeo will be worth £1,750 more in three years’ time than its predecessor was. As well as that, the company stated that the Mondeo will also retain its value in the hotly-contested company car market, beating rivals like the premium German brands that typically dominate the sector. CAP Automotive has said that this is a milestone in the Mondeo’s history, particularly in a car sector which once used the phrase “Mondeo Man” to refer to the bland and the ordinary. Dylan Setterfield, head of forecasting at CAP, said: “The new Mondeo is anything but ordinary and its sheer good looks are a big contributor to such strong expected value retention as a used car in three years. “It’s a winner inside too, with premium fit and finish, but the engineering underpinning the whole package is also excellent. The old Mondeo was a fine drive and hard to improve on but the new version offers an even more comfortable experience.”

EcoBoost petrol engine

Setterfield and his team also praised Ford’s range of EcoBoost petrol engine, noting that the manufacturer had made remarkable progress over the years in improving performance and economy. He also added that part of the positive future projections for the Mondeo are down to Ford’s careful and considered business planning. “Most car-makers are building more cars than Europe really wants but Ford has taken some tough decisions around reducing capacity,” he said. “It is Ford’s customers who will ultimately benefit from that.”

Saloon, Hybrid and Estate

Available in the UK as a five-door saloon, four-door hybrid and as an estate, the new Mondeo features a new body structure that’s lighter and stiffer than before, plus a new sports coupe-inspired exterior. The signature grille features on the outside, along with a new laser-cut headlamp design and adaptive LED head- and tail-lights, while it also receives a dash-mounted digital instrument cluster. Engine options will include a range of turbocharged diesel and petrol options, with emissions from just 119g/km, while the hybrid will have emissions as low as 99g/km, making it road tax-free. On sale at the end of the year, prices for the new Ford Mondeo range start from £20,795.