Have you been the victim of road rage?

A new survey claims that Britain is one of the worst countries in the world for road rage.

More than 3,000 drivers in 20 different countries were polled as part of the research, with the results showing that aggression and rudeness behind the wheel is worse in the UK.

Top of the road rage rankings

According to the results, a massive 76 per cent of British drivers said that they had been victims of aggressive gestures while driving.

The second worst country was France, with 73 per cent of drivers experiencing aggression from other drivers, while 43 per cent of German drivers reported the same.

Likewise, 73 per cent of British drivers said that they had found themselves “blocked in” while driving, compared to only 42 per cent of French motorists.

The survey covered several European countries, as well as other countries including India. As well as gestures and physical aggression, over half of Britons reported that they’d been shouted at by other drivers.

Conversely, Turkey was found to have the most polite drivers, with only 23 per cent having experienced aggressive gestures, with Portugal the second best country for good manners.

Only 15 per cent of Turkish drivers and 17 per cent of Dutch motorists reported that they had experienced verbal aggression, along with Norwegian road users.

A survey spokesman said: “What our research has uncovered is that heavily-congested roads and busy lives are taking their toll on UK drivers, and this is resulting in worrying levels of poor driver behaviour.”

It’s unknown precisely why Britain is so full of infuriated drivers, though it has been suggested that the worst road rage incidents correlate with the worst areas of congestion.

Places like tight city streets or blocked-up motorways set tempers rising and also contribute to increases in CO2 emissions and reduced fuel economy.

Traffic due to worsen

The annual Traffic Index Report from satnav manufacturers TomTom has claimed that congestion in UK cities has gotten worse in the past year and will continue to worsen in coming years.

In the past 12 months, congestion levels have skyrocketed in 10 of the UK’s biggest cities, with top offenders including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester.

According to the report, Belfast is the UK’s most congested city, with London a close second despite the capital usually being the most complained about city in terms of congestion.