Vauxhall commemorates Remembrance Day

Vauxhall has released a new photograph of its historic D-Type Army Staff car to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

During the events of the war, Vauxhall was one of just a handful of manufacturers who supplied vehicles to the British war effort.

Vauxhall D-Type

More than 1,500 D-Type Staff Cars were produced by Vauxhall for military use, and each saw action across the world in locations including the Western Front, East Africa and Palestine.

Pictured alongside the newest version of the popular Corsa supermini, the venerable D-Type Staff Car cuts a dignified figure, with both models adorned with large poppies.

The car pictured is just one of two surviving D-Type Staff Car models to survive, and since its retirement from the theatre of war has appeared in films including Steven Spielberg’s War Horse.

According to Vauxhall, the car was saved from a London scrapyard in 1946 and restored to its original condition at Vauxhall’s HQ, where it has remained on display since.

Tim Tozer, Vauxhall’s chairman and managing director, said: “We have released this commemorative photography to celebrate the centenary of the D-Type Army Staff car and as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives at war.

“Each year we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in both World Wars, which included many Vauxhall and Bedford workers, as well as those who have died in recent conflicts.”

Regarded by historians as the “First Automobile War”, the First World War saw armies make use of combustion-engined cars and tanks in addition to planes during the war effort.

Vauxhall played a key part in the events of the war, with King George V transported across Vimy Ridge in a Vauxhall vehicle and the D-Type Staff Car was also the first car to cross the Rhine following the Armistice.

Vauxhall Churchill tank

The Luton marque also played a significant role in World War II as well, halting production of its cars to build nearly 6,000 Churchill tanks and 250,000 lorries for British forces.

Vauxhall’s contributions to the British Armed Forces also continues to the present day, with the company having raised over £290,000 for Help for Heroes  over the years.

Meanwhile, the new fourth-generation Corsa is available to order now, with prices starting from £8,995.

The new model comes with a wide range of standard kit, which includes adjustable power steering and a heated windscreen, plus a choice of 14- or 15-inch wheels and