Man proposes in the back of a police car

They say love can happen in the most unexpected of places.

That definitely was proven true for one couple, after a man proposed to his girlfriend in the back of a police response car.

Officers from Avon and Somerset Constabulary said that while they were used to hearing profanity and anger from the back seat of their cars, this was the first time they’d heard a confession of love.

The proposal happened when officers were called to attend the scene of a road accident, where Caine Hutchings and Emily Dukeson had crashed their Citroen into a ditch near their home in Radstock.

Apparently, 30-year old Caine had been planning to propose to Emily that day and was driving her to a scenic spot on the cliffs, but unfortunately lost control and struck a tree.

Police dispatched to the couple’s aid were giving the pair and their pet dogs a lift home when Caine coolly popped the question to Emily there and then in the back of the patrol car.

PC Nicola Rickards, who was one of the officers on hand, said that Caine was sat in the back with the dogs, while Emily was sat in the front.

She said: “All of a sudden he produced the box through the middle; I’m not sure who was more excited.

“I had to remind her to give him an answer after a few ‘oh my gods’ and ‘seriously?’ from her, and said he ought to get down on one knee and do it properly when we got to the pub and that I wasn’t leaving until he did.”

The magic moment

Caine agreed, and the officer took a photo to capture the magic moment, which was then posted to the Avon and Somerset police’s official Facebook account.

The groom-to-be said: “We had to get a photo of me going down on one knee in front of the police car after we got to the pub or no one would have believed what I’d done.

“We were only in the police car a short time, but the accident had put everything in perspective so I decided that I would ask there and then because anything can change in just a moment and I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

Shocked Emily claims that she had no idea what Caine had in mind, and thought that the whole drive was a simple trip to take the dogs for a walk.

She said: “In the car, Caine said ‘did you really think we were going all that way just to walk the dogs’ and pulled the box out.

“After the accident I was in shock and crying, people thought I had been crying because I was so happy that I was getting married but it was because of the accident.”

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