“I’m sorry officer, but my seatbelt clashes with my outfit!”

Cambridgeshire police have revealed some of the strangest excuses given to them by speeders.

Having been caught red handed by the police, certain drivers have resorted to some pretty unlikely ways of attempting to wriggle out of trouble.

According to the force, some of the feeble excuses given by motorists have included one driver who claimed to be in a rush as their children were threatening to spill food inside the car.

Despite being confident enough to break the limits on busy roads, some of these drivers weren’t as quick on their feet as they are in their vehicles.

Perhaps the most ridiculous excuse was one young driver who said that he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt because the colour clashed with his clothes.

Another motorist claimed he had to rush home as his dog was having puppies, while a motorcyclist failed to convince officers by saying that speeding in windy conditions made going fast safer.

Other excuses include one from a motorist who argued to police that going nearly 10mph over the limit in a 30mph zone was a sufficient speed to be travelling at in a village.

According to the police, drivers caught out will try almost anything to avoid getting points on their licence or an instant fine, which drivers can now be issued with on the spot.

Driving Fines

Drivers caught hogging lanes, tailgating or otherwise driving carelessly can now face up to £100 fines given directly by police as part of the government’s effort to further reduce road casualties.

Other offences that can warrant an on the spot fine include using phones behind the wheel, not wearing a seatbelt and failing to give way at junctions.

Along with on the spot fines, police will also now have the power to administer three penalty points without having to take drivers to court.

Government officials say that this will increase the ability of the police to deal with offences that otherwise go unpunished due to overloading the court system.

Other measures introduced recently to decrease road deaths include new speed cameras cropping up on motorways to specifically target motorway speeders breaking the 70mph limit.

According to Avon and Somerset Police, who were the first force to roll out the new cameras, any and all drivers caught breaking the maximum 79mph limit will be punished.

Within a fortnight of the new cameras being introduced, nearly 550 drivers were caught out. In that case, it might be high time to start practising those excuses.

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